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    [big] Re-render all SVG touched in the last 14h by renderfarm · 5474c7f1
    David Revoy authored
    Issue: My system reinstall under Kubuntu 18.04 hit a bug: my font
    symlink sounds no more welcome into my .local/share/fonts folder.
    A symlink into the ~/.fonts works.
    Meanwhile; it mean I rendered all SVG with missing fonts.
    = EPIC FAIL =
    Thanks @Alkarex for the review and finding the issue. And sorry.
    Ref: peppercarrot/webcomics!109
    Method used to clean up a full day of rendering:
    $ find /home/deevad/peppercarrot/webcomics/ -mmin -840 -not -path "*/cache/*" -name '*.svg' | xargs geany
    Then use the search/replace to alterate the SVG so renderfarm catch
    a new change and re-render. I choosed to capitalize a comment generated by
    Inkscape; so it doesn't affect the fileweight. A cheap tip for triggering
    a re-render!
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