1. 27 Nov, 2021 1 commit
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      [credit] quality pass over English info.json · 2bcd9cb3
      David Revoy authored
      - Remove me, valvin or nartance from English proofreading: I know we
      never really corrected native English speaker for sure on this project.
      - Remove names that never touched the folder or the translation
      - Amireti was a proofreader of my English in the first episode; not a
      translator. I submited the episode in English and she tried to correct
      - Fix when the episode is the original version
      - (when it is, Alex did "proofreading/correcting it")
      - Add Alex G. to the first episode; I remember he helped at quality for
      all of them even if he joined at episode 6.
      Ref: #160
  3. 26 May, 2020 1 commit
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      Remove all covers, they are autogenerated now. · f3f48f2a
      David Revoy authored
      Thanks to a long effort to find a way to remove this duplication
      (having two time to enter the title; on cover + on top title).
      And special thanks to Ctk and Midgard for starting the investigation,
      and mainly thanks to @gunchleoc for the creation of all the tools
      and all the tests for making this big change possible.
      Bravo! Goodbye to 6 years of covers...
      Note: the cover that required special translation will be replaced with
      new artworks as mentionned on the issue.
      Ref: #86
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      [en] Make old episode titles consistent · 571252da
      M1dgard authored
      * Remove the excessive space in "Episode xx :"
      * Put the Titles in Title Case
      * Update the directory to update them
      Episode 25's directory is now badly named, but I'm only going to change
      it when the translations have come in, to avoid conflicts.
  13. 31 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      Batch convert SVG using Alex Brush -> Cursivah · 0663ca97
      David Revoy authored
      It was done with the command line: 
      find /home/deevad/peppercarrot/webcomics/ -name '*.svg' -not -path "*cache/*" -exec sed -i "s%Alex Brush%Cursivah%g" {} \;
      I tested 5 sample files randomly, all were OK so far, I hope all render will be fine as it needs to re-render all episodes affected ( for single page only strip ). 81 files are affected. 
      It's a big step (2) on the way to solve issue #5
  14. 07 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      Move content to subfolder lang/ · 30ae84ad
      David Revoy authored
      This give me room to paste my Krita files at the root of each episode directories and manage other working subdirectories per episode.