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      [credits] Add notes for the Polish translation (also: simplify notes taking in info.json) · 42f4cfd1
      David Revoy authored
      This reflect the information transmited in
      ref: peppercarrot/webcomics#160 (comment 744468)
      by @WorkingWarrior about the previous translation effort; even refactored
      it still deserve a note about the first attempt.
      I tried to wrap my head around the note taking system in info.json template
      with text and author; it is a nice system but a bit too complex for just
      adding a general note about the translation. I added a simple node in [credit]
      named [notes] where paragraph (ideally short lines) can be added to describe
      more accurately the big changes in the history of translation. This case is typical:
      a rewrite from scratch; and a attribution for the previous effort.
      TODO: makes the credit generator + the big table display this notes.
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      Remove all covers, they are autogenerated now. · f3f48f2a
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      Thanks to a long effort to find a way to remove this duplication
      (having two time to enter the title; on cover + on top title).
      And special thanks to Ctk and Midgard for starting the investigation,
      and mainly thanks to @gunchleoc for the creation of all the tools
      and all the tests for making this big change possible.
      Bravo! Goodbye to 6 years of covers...
      Note: the cover that required special translation will be replaced with
      new artworks as mentionned on the issue.
      Ref: #86
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      Move content to subfolder lang/ · 30ae84ad
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      This give me room to paste my Krita files at the root of each episode directories and manage other working subdirectories per episode.