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    • David Revoy's avatar
      [credits] Add notes for the Polish translation (also: simplify notes taking in info.json) · 42f4cfd1
      David Revoy authored
      This reflect the information transmited in
      ref: #160 (comment 744468)
      by @WorkingWarrior about the previous translation effort; even refactored
      it still deserve a note about the first attempt.
      I tried to wrap my head around the note taking system in info.json template
      with text and author; it is a nice system but a bit too complex for just
      adding a general note about the translation. I added a simple node in [credit]
      named [notes] where paragraph (ideally short lines) can be added to describe
      more accurately the big changes in the history of translation. This case is typical:
      a rewrite from scratch; and a attribution for the previous effort.
      TODO: makes the credit generator + the big table display this notes.
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    • David Revoy's avatar
      [credit] Quality pass over 'cs': the extraction returned too many results · 9e55d313
      David Revoy authored
      Thanks to the comment of xHire for telling it was inacurate. I had a look at
      it and it was really, really far from reality.
      That make me indeed worrying about how other language are after cleaning this
       manually + all 'fr' and all 'en' ...
       I think I'll have to spend dozen of hours on cleaning this. bleeee.....
      Ref: #160
    • David Revoy's avatar
      [credit] quality pass over English info.json · 2bcd9cb3
      David Revoy authored
      - Remove me, valvin or nartance from English proofreading: I know we
      never really corrected native English speaker for sure on this project.
      - Remove names that never touched the folder or the translation
      - Amireti was a proofreader of my English in the first episode; not a
      translator. I submited the episode in English and she tried to correct
      - Fix when the episode is the original version
      - (when it is, Alex did "proofreading/correcting it")
      - Add Alex G. to the first episode; I remember he helped at quality for
      all of them even if he joined at episode 6.
      Ref: #160
    • David Revoy's avatar
      Replace "editing" with "contribution" in all ep*/lang/??/info.json · c9b7bd0d
      David Revoy authored
      The word "editing" was too vague, not precise enough. I know,
      contribution is no better in a way but maybe it will help at seeing
      this is not a text editing (reserved for proofreading/translation) but
      another enhancement. The common case here:
      - refactoring better title artwork on top of episodes
      - Improving speechbubble layout (padding, wrapping text)
      - Porting automatically translation (eg: credit from a previous episode)
      This task often doesn't require to know the target language to make them
      but are valuable contributions. Hence the choice of the name "contribution"
      ref: #160
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    • Julien R Mauduit's avatar
      Update ep01_Potion-of-Flight/lang/nm/E01P00.svg,... · 3b2d5e17
      Julien R Mauduit authored
      Update ep01_Potion-of-Flight/lang/nm/E01P00.svg, ep02_Rainbow-potions/lang/nm/E02P00.svg, ep03_The-secret-ingredients/lang/nm/E03P00.svg, ep03_The-secret-ingredients/lang/nm/E03P02.svg, ep03_The-secret-ingredients/lang/nm/E03P03.svg, ep03_The-secret-ingredients/lang/nm/E03P07.svg files
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    • David Revoy's avatar
      Remove all cover PNG artworks from webcomic repo: not necessary anymore · 32cd3002
      David Revoy authored
      This were only preview to help to position the title in SVG cover.
      Better to remove it now it is not necessary
    • David Revoy's avatar
      Remove all covers, they are autogenerated now. · f3f48f2a
      David Revoy authored
      Thanks to a long effort to find a way to remove this duplication
      (having two time to enter the title; on cover + on top title).
      And special thanks to Ctk and Midgard for starting the investigation,
      and mainly thanks to @gunchleoc for the creation of all the tools
      and all the tests for making this big change possible.
      Bravo! Goodbye to 6 years of covers...
      Note: the cover that required special translation will be replaced with
      new artworks as mentionned on the issue.
      Ref: #86
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