1. 23 Jul, 2020 12 commits
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      [credit] Quality pass over 'cs': the extraction returned too many results · 9e55d313
      David Revoy authored
      Thanks to the comment of xHire for telling it was inacurate. I had a look at
      it and it was really, really far from reality.
      That make me indeed worrying about how other language are after cleaning this
       manually + all 'fr' and all 'en' ...
       I think I'll have to spend dozen of hours on cleaning this. bleeee.....
      Ref: peppercarrot/webcomics#160
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      [typo] Json oopsie (bracket missing) · a61635f3
      David Revoy authored
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      [credit] quality pass over English info.json · 2bcd9cb3
      David Revoy authored
      - Remove me, valvin or nartance from English proofreading: I know we
      never really corrected native English speaker for sure on this project.
      - Remove names that never touched the folder or the translation
      - Amireti was a proofreader of my English in the first episode; not a
      translator. I submited the episode in English and she tried to correct
      - Fix when the episode is the original version
      - (when it is, Alex did "proofreading/correcting it")
      - Add Alex G. to the first episode; I remember he helped at quality for
      all of them even if he joined at episode 6.
      Ref: #160
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      Merge branch 'e31-hu' into 'master' · c3c3a6bf
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      e31 hungarian translation
      See merge request !667
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      Fixing the 7 errors found by .ci: ""*.json formating ooopsie" · d55dee74
      David Revoy authored
      Mostly bracket unclosed, or keyword not fully updated.
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      [credit-refactor] Fix .ci template to the new cleaning · af3cefaf
      David Revoy authored
      - "editing" doesn't exist anymore: it's now SVG maintainer at root
      - "pre-production" merged into "beta-readers"; more or less the same team/thing.
      - "inspiration" is a sentence; I'm not inspired by someone; but by a creation in CC-By
      - "Special thanks" Moved to repository wild at root (bug fixing heroes).
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      Proofreading pass on info.json [en]+[fr] · a34eac25
      David Revoy authored
      - Fix attribution of FR team working often into Framagit-issues and pad
      - Add translation: "original version" when it is the case, easier to handle the files imo.
      - Compare footer of episode and fix correctors/proofreader
      - Merge "preproduction" and "beta-readers" into the last one; this was more or less the same things told differently.
      - Add ep33 info.json
      - Fix FR end credit SVG on ep32 and ep33 stating they are original version.
      Ref: peppercarrot/webcomics#160
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      Remove "editing" it's now part of info.json at root of the project · 680a12e2
      David Revoy authored
      You'll find the list of names under the "svg-database" maintainer
      Ref: #160
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      Replace "editing" with "contribution" in all ep*/lang/??/info.json · c9b7bd0d
      David Revoy authored
      The word "editing" was too vague, not precise enough. I know,
      contribution is no better in a way but maybe it will help at seeing
      this is not a text editing (reserved for proofreading/translation) but
      another enhancement. The common case here:
      - refactoring better title artwork on top of episodes
      - Improving speechbubble layout (padding, wrapping text)
      - Porting automatically translation (eg: credit from a previous episode)
      This task often doesn't require to know the target language to make them
      but are valuable contributions. Hence the choice of the name "contribution"
      ref: #160
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      Add a new info.json for the credit at the root of the repository · 3b5e469d
      David Revoy authored
      This one contains project-global/maintenance/management attribution:
      - technical and scripting: for anyone touching to the CI or the Tool repo
      - SVG database: for anyone doing maintainance over many SVGs episodes other than their own translation.
      - Website-code: For the one who made features for the website (translation excluded).
      - Bug-fix-heroes: For the developpers outside Pepper&Carrot who took personal time to fix bug that was blocker or dangerous for Pepper&Carrot workflow. Very specific bug, often optional for the project.
      One of the goal of this list is to generate better credits and avoid duplicate "editing" everywhere.
      ref: #160
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      Add a temporary json for the Fr/ep33 · 74d8240c
      David Revoy authored
      Note: I'll cleanup French info.json database later; it require more work in general.
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      [ep34] Attempt at a second scenario (v2) · c0092c8f
      David Revoy authored
      - Extending/rewriting first part of V1
      - Get a new ending (keeping in land of Ah)
      - Delete the Gatekeeper part
      - Based on a dialog (pasted under here) by @craigmaloney
      ref: #167
      Distant scene establishing shot
      * Pepper: So that's how I Carrot and I managed to get away
      * Shichimi: Wow, that's an amazing tale.
      Close-up of Pepper and Shichimi
      * Pepper: Yes, but that means I'm out of a job again
      * Shichimi: I think my master might be able to help
      Focus on Shichimi's face
      * Shichimi: She keeps saying we have more work than students, so maybe she could use some help
      * Pepper: Thank you, Shichimi. It's worth a shot
      At the temple of Ah. We see Wasabi behind her desk with papers all over the place. There is nowhere for Pepper to sit. She stands before Wasabi. Shichimi interrupts Wasabi.
      * Shichimi: Master Wasabi, may I introduce my friend ...
      Wasabi looks up at Shichimi with a withering look
      * Wasabi: Shichimi, I told you I'm not to be disturbed right now. Be useful and get me the latest Hippiah report
      * Shichimi: Yes, Ma'am
      Shichimi leaves. Pepper stands nervously. Wasabi doesn't look up.
      * Pepper: Master Wasabi, my name is ...
      * Wasabi: I know who you are. My question is why there is a Chaosah witch in my presence?
      Pepper looks bewildered. Wasabi's eyes meet Pepper's, but her face still points to her work.
      * Pepper (shocked): I... I wanted to ask you for a job
      * Wasabi: A job? What use would I have for a Chaoash witch?
      Wasabi motions over to a shelf. The titles on the books and reports say "Chaosah Witches reports", "Hippiah Witches reports", etc. A long list labeled "Chaosah Witches: Prohibited items" is tacked to the wall. The actual text is unreadable.
      * Wasabi: The rules of the treaty are very clear on what Chaosah Witches may do.
      Closeup of Wasabi's  stern face
      * Wasabi: What do you possibly think you can do for me?
      Focus on Pepper's nervous face
      * Pepper (nervous): I, uh, I'm really good at a lot of things. I've ...
      * Wasabi: Yes, yes, I know. I've seen what you can do.
      Wasabi, close-up. Her face is more relaxed and curious.
      * Wasabi: You're not like the other Chaosah witches, are you?
      * Pepper: ...
      Shot of Wasabi, looking over her desk, not as close as the curious shot above.
      * Wasabi: Tell you what. I need someone to give the gatekeeper a break. This gate hasn't opened in over 300 years.
      Close-up of Wasabi and Pepper
      * Wasabi: Do you think you can handle watching a closed gate?
      * Pepper: Yes ma'am. I'll do my best.
      Pepper goes to leave, both Pepper and Wasabi are in the shot.
      * Pepper (turning around): You're not nearly as mean as Thyme and Cayenne say you are
      Wasabi (glares and gives Pepper the side-eye).
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