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# info.yaml specification
Each episode directory has a `info.yaml` file that contains metadata about the episode. It may
contain the following keys. Unless otherwise stated below, any and all of those may be blank or
omitted, which means the information is not available.
## Character set
The files are encoded in UTF-8.
## Languages
All languages are expressed in *Pepper&Carrot pseudo-ISO-639 two letter language codes*. They are
defined in [langs.json](langs.json).
## Keys
### `published`
`date` Publication date. If this key is omitted or blank, the episode is not yet published.
### `url`
`string` URL to the page on the official website where the episode is published. If `published` is
present, this key MUST be present and contain a valid URL.
### `original language`
`string` The language that the first version of the comic was originally written in.
### `financial supporters`
`{ string: int≥0 }` Map of payment method to the amount of backers who supported this episode with
it. Some people might donate using several methods, but we don't track those. The total amount of
backers `n` is `min(ints) ≤ n ≤ sum(ints)`, but you may assume `n ≈ sum(ints)`.
The payment methods that are currently supported are:
bank transfer
But these may change at any time.
### `credits`
`{ string: [string] }` Map from category (free text) to list of names.
### `software`
`[ {string: string} ]` List of software used in episode production. The list entries are maps that
contain at least the key `name`, and may contain a `version`.
### `notes`
`[ {string: string} ]` List of official notes by episode contributors. The list entries are maps
that contain at least the key `author` (name of the note's author) and at least one language. The
value of languages as keys is the body of the note in that language.
## Example
published: 2030-04-13
url: https://www.peppercarrot.com/episodes/1000/pepper-s-birthday-party-2
original language: jb
financial supporters:
Patreon: 80135
Liberapay: 203498
bank transfer: 503
art & scenario:
- David Revoy
- Hazel Sherman
beta feedback:
- Chasidy Naftali
- name: Krita
version: "7.0.2"
- name: Inkscape
version: "1.2.2"
- name: Kubuntu
version: "29.10"
- by: David Revoy
en: >
Hi, today my big, big dream to reach 100 episodes comes true! A great thank you to everyone
who made this possible by supporting my work over these past 16 years.
fr: >
Salut, aujourd'hui mon grand, grand rêve de parvenir à l'épisode 100 est réalisé! Un gros
merci à tous qui en ont aidé par financer mon travail pendant cettes 16 années.
nl: >
Hoi, vandaag komt mijn grote, grote droom uit van 100 afleveringen te maken! Een enorme
dankjewel aan iedereen die dit mogelijk heeft gemaakt door mijn werk deze afgelopen 16 jaren
te steunen.
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## Episode metadata
Each episode contains a metadata file called `info.yaml`. The format is documented in [INFO-YAML.md](INFO-YAML.md).
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