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# Transcript of Pepper&Carrot Episode 34 [en]
## Notes
Providing transcripts is optional for translators.
The Pepper&Carrot site will work fine without them,
but they help for accessibility, screen readers and language learners.
for more information and documentation.
## Pages
### P00
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|Episode 34: The Knighting of Shichimi
### P01
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|The same night ...
<unknown>|2|False|... and so, tonight, we welcome you, Shichimi, as our youngest Knight of Ah.
<unknown>|3|False|Still no trace of Pepper?
<unknown>|4|False|Not yet.
<unknown>|5|False|She'd better hurry, or she'll miss Shichimi's speech.
<unknown>|6|False|Thank you.
<unknown>|7|False|I'd like to...
### P02
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|Zio oOOOOO
<unknown>|2|False|Zioo O O O OO
<unknown>|4|False|Watch out!
<unknown>|5|False|WATCH OUT!!!
<unknown>|6|False|CR A S H!
<unknown>|7|False|Zioo O O O OO
<unknown>|8|False|Zioo O O O OO
<unknown>|10|False|Is everyone OK? Nothing broken?
<unknown>|12|False|Hello Shichimi!
<unknown>|13|False|Sorry for the dramatic entrance and for being late!
<unknown>|14|False|I ran into some problems, but that's a long story...
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<unknown>|15|False|Dear translator: if editing the soundFX is difficult, I made a special documentation here:
### P03
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|Is she one of your guests?
<unknown>|2|False|Yes. She is my friend Pepper. Everything is fine.
<unknown>|3|False|Carrot, are you OK?
<unknown>|4|False|Sorry for the landing, I haven’t mastered it yet when using hyperspeed.
<unknown>|5|False|And again sorry to everyone for the trouble...
<unknown>|6|False|...and as for how I’m dressed...
  • Hmm, I still think this line is a bit confusing, since we don't see Pepper being interrupted. So it's not really clear why she doesn't finish the sentence...

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<unknown>|8|False|this young witch who has arrived, is she really a friend of yours?
### P04
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|Yes, your highness.
<unknown>|2|False|Her name is Pepper, of the School of Chaosah.
<unknown>|3|False|Her presence here pollutes the sacred nature of our school.
<unknown>|4|False|Get her out of my sight, immediately.
<unknown>|6|False|Master Wasabi...
<unknown>|7|False|But what ?
<unknown>|8|False|Would you prefer to be banished from our school?
<unknown>|9|False|! ! !
### P05
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|Sorry Pepper, but you need to leave.
<unknown>|4|False|Hey hey hey, wait a minute! I'm sure there's a misunderstanding.
<unknown>|5|False|Please Pepper, don't make this difficult.
<unknown>|6|False|Hey! You there, on the throne. If you have a problem with me, come down and tell me yourself!
<unknown>|8|False|Shichimi, you have ten seconds...
<unknown>|12|False|ENOUGH, PEPPER! GO AWAY !!!
### P06
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|B ADuuM!
<unknown>|2|False|Shichimi, please calm do...
<unknown>|3|False|GO AWAY!!!
<unknown>|4|False|GO AWAY!!!
<unknown>|5|False|GO AWAY!!!
<unknown>|6|False|C R E E E E E! !!
<unknown>|8|False|Hey! That's... n-NOT... Owww... Nice!
<unknown>|13|False|OK, you asked for it!
<unknown>|14|False|B R Z OO!!
### P07
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|2|False|S H K L AK!
<unknown>|4|False|P AF !!
<unknown>|5|False|Even your best cancellation spell has no effect on me!
<unknown>|6|False|Give up, Pepper, and go away!
<unknown>|7|False|Stop making me hurt you!
<unknown>|8|False|Oh, my cancellation spell worked just fine, but you weren't the target...
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<unknown>|10|False|What do you mean?!
### P08
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|2|False|She was the target!
<unknown>|3|False|I just canceled her Glamour Spell which keeps her looking young.
<unknown>|4|False|I noticed this spell as soon as I got here.
<unknown>|5|False|So, I gave you a small token of what you deserve for making Shichimi fight me!
  • I think if you tilt Pepper's head up in this panel, it would be clearer that she's talking to Wasabi - Pepper is down with the audience and Wasabi up on stage.

  • Yes, I'll try it and also move her eyes to align with the direction of Wasabi as seen on two panels before. Thanks!

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<unknown>|7|False|How dare you,
<unknown>|8|False|and in front of my whole school!
<unknown>|9|False|Consider yourself lucky!
<unknown>|10|False|If I had all of my energy, I wouldn't have stopped there.
### P09
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|DR Z OW!!
<unknown>|2|False|I see. You have reached the level of your predecessors much earlier than I expected...
<unknown>|3|False|This accelerates my plans, but that is good news.
<unknown>|4|False|Your plans?
<unknown>|5|False|So you were just testing me, and this had nothing to do with my being late?
<unknown>|6|False|You are really twisted!
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<unknown>|9|False|WHAT ARE YOU ALL STARING AT?!
<unknown>|11|False|I WANT HER ALIVE!
<unknown>|12|False|GET HER!!!
<unknown>|13|False|Shichimi, we'll have to talk about this later!
<unknown>|14|False|I’m sorry, Carrot, but we'll have to take off at hyperspeed again..
<unknown>|15|False|Hold on tight!
<unknown>|18|False|Ziioo OO!!
### P10
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|? !
<unknown>|2|False|GET HER!!!
<unknown>|3|False|Oh dear.
<unknown>|4|False|Pepper, use my broom!
<unknown>|6|False|Oh wow!
<unknown>|7|False|Thank you, Saffron!
<unknown>|9|False|zioo O O O O!
<unknown>|10|False|TO BE CONTINUED...
### P11
Name|Position|Concatenate|Text|Whitespace (Optional)
<unknown>|1|False|You too can become a patron of Pepper&Carrot and get your name here!
<unknown>|2|False|Pepper&Carrot is entirely free/libre, open-source and sponsored thanks to the patronage of its readers.
<unknown>|3|False|For this episode, thanks go to %%%% patrons!
<unknown>|4|False|Check for more info!
<unknown>|5|False|We are on Patreon, Tipeee, PayPal, Liberapay ...and more!
<unknown>|6|False|Thank you!
<unknown>|7|False|Did you know?
<unknown>|8|False|March xx, 2021 Art & scenario: David Revoy. Beta readers: Arlo James Barnes, Carotte, Craig Maloney, Efrat b, GunChleoc, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Martin Disch, Nicolas Artance, Parnikkapore, Valvin. English version (original version) Proofreading: Arlo James Barnes, Carotte, Craig Maloney, GunChleoc, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Martin Disch. Special thanks: to Nartance for exploring the Wasabi character in his fan-fiction novels. The way he imagined her had a big impact on the way I depicted her in this episode. Based on the universe of Hereva Creator: David Revoy. Lead maintainer: Craig Maloney. Writers: Craig Maloney, Nartance, Scribblemaniac, Valvin. Correctors: Willem Sonke, Moini, Hali, CGand, Alex Gryson . Software: Krita 4.4.1, Inkscape 1.0.2 on Kubuntu Linux 20.04. License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.
<unknown>|9|False|NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS Replace this section, e.g.: French version Translation: My Name. Proofreading: Other Name.
<unknown>|10|False|You can also translate this page if you want.
<unknown>|11|False|Beta readers help with the story, proofreaders give feedback about the text.
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