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[credits] Complete missing info.json in translation

This data were compared with the footer (credit svg) of the episode to see the name
of the translators ad see if it was matching or if a proofreader was helping. Fortunately
it was rather easy as the impacted translation were mostly maintained by single translator.
It was just a matter of duplicating info.json here and there in 90% of the case...

This is also the last commit in the quest of getting this credit dynamic via info.json and so
Fix #160 ; a long thread with notification for everyone to fix their languages.

It feels after one month the topic reached maximum engagement from the community.

The thread will be still around into "fixed" ; a topic like "Credits need Review" can't be
really reached unless the more than 100 translator comment and contribute on it. Impossible.
I made my own review on the past two days. I think it will be the best I can do with my time
budget and effort.

Translators still can improve (or request other to do that for them in the issue), and I'm sure
small errors that a system like auto-extraction plus human fixing will not be able to avoid...
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