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    Parallelize validate-transcript.sh to boost execution speed x20 · 283dc632
    David Revoy authored
    With the increasing amount of transcript and SVGs, validate-transcript
    was taking over a big minute on my hardware. It was too long to wait for it
    when I had to merge all the MR for incoming lang for episode 34, longer than
    This modification parallelize the loop that enters in a episode folder.
    Execution time is now.... 4 seconds on my machine :-)
    The drawback is the requirement of the parralal dependency; and not be
    100% bash feature only anymore. But that's a small price, imo, for
    getting this acceleration.
    I'm not sure if C.I. use this script. It's probably where the parallelisation
    might become problematic. That's why I'll put this change in a MR for review
    before merging.
    If it is problematic; I'll restore the script for webcomics, and move the
    parralelised version to peppercarrot/tools repository.
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