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......@@ -48,3 +48,18 @@ Pepper pulls the sheets up over herself to block out noise. The coast is clear.
@Nartance (SoOn... honk)
Carrot deeply sighed. If Pepper discovered the truth...
But a little noise disturbed his thought. As a metal that'd scratch the floor. Again?!
Carrot turned his head toward the noise. And what he saw surprised him a lot.
Indeed, a little creature tried to pull off the metal button of his costume, with a great difficulty. She looked like a little woman, with short and messy hair held by a pink ribbon, wearing a dress made of leafs and flowers. But that's not her first appearance which surprised Carrot, not even her small size. It was the little wings that were flapping very quickly, as hard was the effort to take the button.
The creature suddenly stopped to pull the button. She looked at Carrot slowly, and seemed to be terrorized.
" M... Mister Cat! she stammered, terrified, with large gestures. It... it's not what you think! I... I just wanted to... I like shiny things... but... you can keep it! Please, Mister Cat! Don't eat me!"
But feline instinct of Carrot made agitating his tail with a great appetite. He prepared to jump on the prey...
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