Commit c9c047c2 authored by ctk's avatar ctk

scenario game: Pepper wakes up

parent 7ceec95f
......@@ -121,3 +121,16 @@ This short time was enough to distract the shadow creature of the mirror.
Pepper wakes up and sits in her bed, grunting "Carrrooooott, what are y…"
Opening the eyes to see what in the world Carrot is up to at this hour, Pepper's voice dies out.
As some miserable yelping is heard from outside the window, she is met with the sight of a terrified forest fairy and of Carrot, who looks like Puss in Boots interrupted while changing clothes in his wardrobe.
They're not looking at her, but at some fog emanating from her mirror.
Pepper tries to look closer, but the room is dark, and her footing isn't steady as she's still quite sleepy…
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