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Episode 29: The Underworld Dragon
* **Author:** David Revoy <>
* **License:** [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)](
**Pitch:** An Underworld Dragon plan to attack the coronation party and kill all the witches and important leaders. A rare opportunity in space/time to rule the world! Meanwhile, Pepper tries to explain a fundamental course of Chaosah on the patio to Coriander: small actions can lead do huge consequences and big changes are made of small changes combined. Her demo doesn't trigger any (immediate) effect. After laughting about her, Coriander invite Pepper to go to bed: everyone is visibly tired. But while they go to bed, the small change Pepper has made starts a chain reaction of events that will destroy the Underworld Dragon before anyone notice... Exept Cayenne.
**Concept** Setup the story in the over-used by cinema and manga "big creature attack" genre, but propose a twist in the way the creature even fail to attack and the heros solve the situation without even noticing about it. Worst, Pepper is comforted into her low-self estime while audience can measure her real power. I like the contrast.
**Scene 1: The plan of the Underworld Dragon.**
A large panel showing an underworld mess of fractal [nebulaes]( with at the top-right of the picture a tunnel twisting in spiral to a bright light: an exit. The camera chases behind a sort of big evil black dragon creature: the Underworld-Dragon (later called U-D here). This large creature inspires fear; like a huge dragon of the size of Qualicity itself with claws and spikes everywhere, pattern of razor sharp teeth on all the body. No wings. The creature waves to the bright light source to escape the multi dimension tunnel. (overlays of 3D grid twisted and bent will be used to represent the multi-dimensional nature of this place.)
_U-D: Finally..._
_U-D: The breach I was hunting for centuries just appeared!_
Portrait on the U-D; he has electric blues eyes with fury in it. His face is lighten by the proximity of the bright tunnel and let the reader appreciate all the details of the creature's face.
_U-D: All the leaders..._
A close-up with the same view-angle on the furious eyes.
_U-D: ...all the witches sleeping over one place!_
The U-D slide in the exit; we can see only the half part of his body still in the underworld.
_U-D: A rare opportunity in space-time!_
In the middle of a rock desert at around 30km of Qualicity, deep stary night, a large creature appears in a sort of 3D wireframe of energy.
_U-D: The one chance on millions to destroy them all and finally..._
The U-D is now almost totally materialized (a bit of his tail still is in wireframe). The shot is setup from a viewpoint on his back while the large silhouette walk heavily to Qualicity in the distance, covered with mist. (Notes: this panel can look like a Godzilla parody and set the genre even a bit more strongly. It is likely this panel will be the thumbnail of the episode.)
**Scene 2: Chaosah late night discussion.**
Zoom on Qualicity.
We see the specific patio with balcony of the coronation party (episode 28). The place is almost desert now, every guest probably went to sleep. Only one or three servers walks with stack of plates in their hands, they clean-up the party with broom. We can see Coriander still talking with Pepper at the balcony.
_Coriander: So, in short, you tell me your magic -Chaosah- can spell things without using magic?..._
Shot focusing on the two girls, Pepper is talking to Coriander: she still has a brochette of meat ball in her hand. She does large movement to try to elaborate what she was explaining. She looks at the sky a bit confusingly as if she collect information on the top of her head. Coriander look at her very interested but tired, a glass of fruity things in the hand, her crown is on the balcony.
_Pepper: Yes, and No... It is still triggered by magic, but requires just a very small amount._
Close-up on Pepper with a wood stick in her hand coming from the brochette. She just eat the last meatball; she now has only the stick of wood pinched between her fingers and talks as she chew the meatball.
_Pepper: For example if I take this wood stick..._
Close-up on her hand throwing the wood stick with a pinch from her finger; we can notice a tiny sparkle of violet energy around the move.
_Pepper: ...and throw it with a little bit of Chaosah magic..._
A view from under; we see the stick spinning in the air 3 or 4 meter under the balcony with its motion described as a curve; Pepper continue to explain.
_Pepper: technically create a new unexpected series of events that can lead to big things!_
Shot on Pepper, happy about her explanation, she keeps smiling at Coriander and wait a reaction; expecting Coriander to be equally exited by her demo.
_Pepper: You understand?_
Shot on Coriander scratching her chin: she is really not convinced.
_Coriander: ..._
Shot on Coriander she start to walk away the balcony smiling, and she makes fun of Pepper. Pepper is a bit unhappy by the behavior of her friends. Carrot laught.
_Coriander: I understood if you continue to throw garbage like that by the balcony, my new kingdom will be totally polluted by tomorrow._
Bird view on both, Coriander walks to a stairway leading to an entrance. Pepper follows.
_Coriander: We better go to bed now, it's late._
_Pepper: Sure!_
**Scene 3: The chain reaction:**
It starts with a close-up on the wood stick, still falling.
The wood stick bounce on (and sting) the bottom of a bird that was sleeping (his eyes looks like suddently surprised).
The bird flies over roof and screams angerly. Visually we see a lot of big broken notes of musics.
Bird view on two or three villagers of Qualicity in the street. They woke up, one with a fire lantern in hand, nightcaps, bare foots and pyjamas to see the bird doing noises. The stick of wood fall on the pavements.
Portrait on the villager holding the lantern, a blond guy with a nightcap. He looks seriously at the sky while his body is oriented to walk in a slightly different direction.
Close-up on the soft bare foot just about to walk on the wood stick (with its sting upward, stuck between the pavement). We can anticipate the pain.
Full body shot of the villager, holding his foot in pain while jumping. The lantern fell on the floor: and we can already see the petrol on the floor flowing in the in-between of the pavement like a tiny river of fire.
Shot on a wooden door with written on it "fireworks warehouse" with a rocket drawed on the door; the tiny river of fire flows in between the pavement and reach under the door...
Close-up on the villager face sudently not concerned anymore by the pain of his foot and very affraid by the situation.
**Scene 4: The result.**
We loop to a landscape shot from The back of the U-D. A shot a bit similar to where we left him in the story. But he has made progress and now Qualicty is just a few kilometers away.
Bird view shot of the street of Qualicity where the chain reaction took place. The villagers are all running away; a large amount of fireworks rockets is exploding and made a hole in the roof of the warehouse with large fire.
A landscape of Qualicity; the colored rockets flies all in the same direction -like grouped together- from the roof of the warehouse to the direction of the U-D. It looks like a huge shooting star made of colors.
Quick portrait of the U-D lighten by multi-colored incoming fireworks. We feel a speed zoom effect. He is clearly surprised by the projectile incoming.
Side view in the distance, over the leg of the U-D we can see a large explosion, he took it in head.
**Scene 5: Epilogue: (2 pages?)**
Bird view inside the bedroom of Coriander; Pepper sit on a bed in same bedroom, she pet Carrot while looking at the windows. Coriander brushes her teeth in pijamas, in front of a mirror.
_SFX(distant and smaller): KABOOMMMM!!!_
_Pepper: Still fireworks at this hour...?_
Coriander while brushing her teeth does a theatrical imitation of a prophete who predicted something important to make fun of Pepper.
_Coriander: Or big consequences of your Chaosah magic!_
A shot from outside of the windows; looking inside the bedroom. The camera zoom out. We can see Pepper throwing a pillow in direction of Coriander.
_Pepper: He! Don't make fun of me!_
_Coriander: Hahaha!_
The zoom out continues; we now are behind a silhouette up on a tower of the castle of Qualicty. A silhouette of a witch we can recognize: Cayenne. She has her broom stick in her hand.
Portrait on Cayenne; serious but slightly smiling; We understand she saw and understood everything. The master is sort of proud of her student.
Humoristic panel to end, the U-D is back on the Underworld with another monster helping him with bandages. He has a little tear in the eyes and he is angry. (Note: this panel is here to soften the tone; because no one really dies in Pepper&Carrot.)
## FIN
**End notes:** I predict this story will be cut for eight pages; it is hard to cut that one in less. The main meat of this episode is probably the introduction of the U-D and the chain reaction itself. The weak part is probably the talk between Coriander and Pepper about Chaosah; it will needs care and attention.
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