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Try something with the-present scenario (v2.5)

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The present, v2.5
* **Author:** Nicolas Artance <[](> with the help of @deevad.
* **License:** [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)](
## Page 1
**Panel 1:** Large panel showing a kind of big temple (japanese style), surrounded by white mist. Impossible to say if this temple is outside or not. A wild speechbubble comes from the temple.
_Voice: Come on..._
**Panel 2:** We find our friend Shichimi, in front of a cauldron, trying to generate some fire with the help of a small spirit, made of flames. It seems to be hard for her.
_Shichimi: You can do it!_
**Panel 3:** View inside the cauldron. We can see a big colorful egg, surronded by some white smoke.
_Shichimi: GNNNN!_
**Panel 4:** View on Shichimi and spirit. They are exhausted. They give up.
_Shichimi: It is useless..._
## Page 2
**Panel 5:** The spirit seems to be sad. Shichimi has a sorry face.
_Shichimi: You did a great job. I am sorry to have disturbed you. I am not strong enough..._
**Panel 6:** The spirit disappears while Shichimi paced. We discover the room: it is a large room, with not a lot of things inside. We can see two strange potteries which diffuse a white smoke, a little coffee table with all the material to do some tea, a shelf with mystic objects (stones, statuettes, etc) and a thick carpet near to a wall.
On the background, we can see a sliding door with some symbols on it to enter the room. On the foreground, we see the cauldron.
_Shichimi: I have to hatch this egg! I need a more powerful fire... but I can't ask Master Wasabi, I'd be punished!_
**Panel 7:** Shichimi stops her walk. She notices something on the wall.
**Panel 8:** It is a paper where we can see Saffron in a dynamic pose. It is an advertisement for an autograph session at Komona tomorrow.
_Shichimi: Maybe I could ask Saffron to help me? But she'll be busy tomorrow... and I can't reveal what I am doing to anyone..._
**Panel 9:** A wild speechbubble appears upward Shichimi. She has a little malicious smile.
_Voice: You can obtain the help of anyone without revealing your true intentions if you know how to "use" them._
_Shichimi: Hum... I think I know what to do._
## Page 3
**Panel 10:** The next day, inside the temple. There is a large garden in the center of the temple, very bright, where white and intense light floats. There are also some witches wearing kind of kimonos, who waters some impressive flowers. Some of them are wearing a priestess robe, and are preying in front of a kind of statue (which looks like a ghost). The garden is surrounded by doors. We see a broom with a witch on it, Saffron, lands in a hurry on the garden of the temple. One of the witch of Ah shows her a direction.
**Panel 11:** Plan on Saffron, who opens the sliding door, panicked.
_Saffron: Shichimi! Are you okay?!_
**Panel 12:** Shichimi is peacefully seated on the floor. She has prepared tea she pours into a cup.
_Saffron: But... your message said that you were in danger! And I was the only one who can save you!_
_Shichimi: That's true. But before, I really wanted to congratulate you for your recent notoriety. You are famous enough to organize an autograph session now._
**Panel 13:** Saffron has a grumpy face.
_Saffron: You could say me that at the session direclty! I'll be late, now! Be quick, please. I have to go to the groomer to pick Truffel up. I can't shine without her!_
**Panel 14:**
_Shichimi: I'll be quick, don't worry. The emergency described in my message is the following. I really need you..._
## Page 4
**Panel 15:** Shichimi shows a cup of tea to Saffron, who is surprised.
_Shichimi: give your opinion about the tea I made for you._
**Panel 16:** Saffron is upset. She puts her hands on her hips. Shichimi plays casually, and starts to bring the tea to Saffron.
_Saffron: You made me crossed the half of Hereva just to ask that?! Couldn't you just bring your tea in the session?!_
_Shichimi: Are you crazy? If I leave the Temple with a bad tea, Master Wasabi will punish me! Hence the emerge..._
**Panel 17:** Shichimi spills the tea on Saffron. She acts an accident, but it is clearly done on purpose. Saffron is shocked.
_Shichimi Oopsy._
_Saffron: MY JACKET!!! I'd just taken it from the dyer! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!_
**Panel 18:** Shichimi plays the drama, as if she spilt the tea because of panic, looking for something into her robe. Saffron starts to shine with angry flames, with heavy breathing.
_Shichimi: Sorry. But I can't hide the true emergency longer. The truth is, I am dying..._
**Panel 19:** Shichimi pulls a feather and a paper from her robe. Saffron explodes.
_Shichimi: ask you for an autograph!_
_Saffron: GRRRR!!!_
# Page 5
**Panel 20:** Saffron launches fire spell on Shichimi. The little spirit of fire redirects the spell into the cauldron behind Shichimi. Shichimi is happy.
_Saffron: YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!!_
**Panel 21:** Focus on the cauldron. Shichimi looks impatiently at it.
**Panel 22:** A little knock-knock sound makes Shichimi happier.
**Panel 23:** The egg is hatching. Shichimi raises her arms in a sign of victory.
**Panel 24:** A wild speechbubble on the left makes Shichimi losing her smile despite the little roar coming from the egg.
_Saffron: Boohoo!_
## Page 6
**Panel 25:** Plan on Saffron, on the floor, crying. Shichimi is embarrassed.
_Saffron: My session is dead! I have no time to go picking a new jacket and taking Truffel from the groomer! Sniff! It will be the most epic fail of my life! Sniff!_
**Panel 26:** Zoom on Shichimi, shocked by what Saffron says now.
_Saffron: It is the worst birthday ever!_
**Panel 27:** Shichimi panicks and tries to propose several ways to apology, but Saffron keeps crying.
_Shichimi: Oh Saffron, I am so sorry! Do you want a hug? A precious stone? A cup of tea?_
_Saffron: Boohoo!_
**Panel 28:** Zoom on Saffron. We see the hands of Shichimi holding a little dragon, which roars again. Saffron stops crying.
_Shichimi: A dragon?_
_Saffron: Sniff...??_
**Panel 29:** Saffron is leaving with her dragon on her arms. Shichimi waves a friendly goodbye, relieved.
_Saffron: He is so cute! With him, I'll shine more than expected, for sure!_
_Shichimi: Good luck and happy birthday!_
**Panel 30:** Saffron has left. Shichimi has always a hand in the air, but with a pokerface.
## *FIN*
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