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Commit 2fac6a9f authored by xHire's avatar xHire

The scenario game: finale

parent d53639cc
......@@ -134,3 +134,15 @@ Pepper tries to look closer, but the room is dark, and her footing isn't steady
Tigrette breaks a windowpane, landing on Pepper’s back with the metal piece in her stretched paw right in front of Pepper’s face. Pepper recognises it immediately and gasps: “The lost amulet! … The coat!” The mysterious master gets startled and extends his foggy “hand” towards Carrot.
With a single jump, Pepper grabs the coat from Carrot, throws it on her back and slides the amulet in its metal button in front. “Dispareo!” she shouts, looking into master’s red eyes. Purple light of high intensity starts glowing from the coat, fills the room and further escapes through the window in a strong beam. All three figures – the master, his servant Figor and the fairy – scream while vanishing in particles.
“Phew, that was close!” relieves Pepper when it’s over.
~ ~
~ The End ~
~ Fin ~
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