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Commit 144afb0c authored by David Revoy's avatar David Revoy

Add a new story "The dragons nursery"

A derivative from "The present V3" by Nartance.
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"The dragons nursery"
* **Author:** David Revoy <[](> a derivative version from 'The present, v3' originaly written and created by Nicolas Artance <[](> with the help of @craigmaloney.
* **License:** [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)](
**Panel 1:** Large shot on a landscape with the main temple of Ah surrounded by a sublte white mist, waterfalls, etc...
**Panel 2:** There is a large garden in the center of the temple, very bright, where white and intense light floats. There are also some witches wearing kind of kimonos, who prey to various sculpted abstract stones. Some of them are wearing a priestess robe. The garden is surrounded by doors. We see for main focus two young witches, Shichimi and Saffron, walking in that garden.
_Shichimi: Here, the garden..._
**Panel 3:** Zoom on Shichimi and Saffron. Shichimi comments with the face of someone forced to do something. Saffron has a boring face.
_Shichimi: This is here that witches of Ah tries to enter into communion with spirits, by intensive meditation._
_Saffron: Bo~ring!..._
**Panel 4:** Shot on the face of Shichimi, she is attracted by a little sound on the right, Saffron continue to speak on left.
_Saffron (off shot): way I can ever develop tourism here._
_SoundFx(egg shell): cr~crack!_
**Panel 5:** American shot on Saffron, crossing arms, annoyed.
_Saffron: ...Shichimi?_
**Panel 6:** American shot on Schichimi, a little embarrased.
_Shichimi: Mm..Sure. So, the visit is now finished, and I have ... "work to do"._
_SoundFx(egg shell): crack!_
**Panel 7:** Shichimi pass a door with strange symbols reminding clearly dragons, a bit in the hurry still looking at Saffron. Saffron is surprised.
_Shichimi: You can tell Master Wasabi I did my job. Have a nice day._
_SoundFx(egg shell): cr~crack!_
_Saffron: W... what?_
**Panel 8:** Reaction shot on Saffron face while door slam to her face, irritated Saffron's face.
_SoundFx(door): vlan!_
_Saffron: ..._
**Panel 9:** A large shot: we are inside a dark room, a lot of colorful eggs are on shelves all around the wall in the dark; easily hundreds of eggs! Shichimi stands in the middle of the room, this one is lighted by the soft glow of a fire at center. It's coming from a large and open forge built in bricks with large bellows conducting air flow into the furnace; it was clearly designed for eggs. And an egg is on top of the central fire with its shell crackled. A tiny wing shaped like a bat already get threw it. Shichimi is under an intense emotion of joy looking at it.
_SoundFx(egg shell): cr~crack!_
**Panel 10:** Close up on the egg so we notice better the texture, the furnace under and the little wing .
_Shichimi (to herself speech): I can't believe it!_
**Panel 11:** Close up on Shichimi, super happy.
_Shichimi (internal thinking/speech): I'm so lucky to have heard the first crackle! It's super rare when my superiors decide to give birth to a dragon egg._
**Panel 12:** ( Shichimi's fantasy panel - with fuzzy borders); a childish illustration of Shichimi with a cute baby dragon looking at her and yelling a heart symbol to her.
_Shichimi (internal thinking/speech): If the dragon watch me as the first person he'll adopt me as it's master!_
**Panel 13:** ( Shichimi's fantasy panel - with fuzzy borders); (linked to the previous panel). Another childish illustration of Shichimi on the back of a real big full grown dragon.
_Shichimi (internal thinking/speech): Oh! that's my dream!_
**Panel 14:** Back to reality, a panoramic shot showing in the background a Saffron who opened door and put the head into the room; this scene is happening in the back of Shichimi, but because this one heard the sound of the door, she is surprised and her expression is exagerated.
_Saffron: Heu...One of your collegue said you forgot to show me the...Oh!.. Nice room here_
_Shichimi: !!!_
**Panel 15:** A wild Saffron appears from the left and put her face very near to the egg. Shichimi sees the situation as extremely dangerous for her plan, her eyes are really big, she is in max alert mode.
_Saffron: What is it?_
**Panel 16:** Shot on Shichimi looking on bottom: the shell crakles a big time now and another wing pops. She is maximum affraid Saffron can be the one stealing her dragon.
_SoundFx(egg shell): CRACK!_
**Panel 17:** In a very defensive move, Shichimi pushes Saffron out of the room with a large tornado of ghost.
_Shichimi: (spell of Ah speechbubble) Tornada Spiritis Demente!_
**Panel 18:** A side view of outside the door. Saffron is falling on the floor heavily, the door slam. The ghosts of the spell dissipate into smaller particles.
_SoundFx(door): vlan!_
**Panel 19:** American shot on Shichimi, panic mode. She is locking the door.
_Shichimi: Oh no! What am I doing?!_
_SoundFx(pad lock): click_
_SoundFx(egg shell, off): CRACK!_
**Panel 20:** Shichimi look at the egg with two wings wiggling. She focus back with determination in her eyes.
_Shichimi: Ok, keep good Shichimi, it's happening!_
_SoundFx(egg shell): CRACK!_
**Panel 21:** The door in the back knock again, violently. We see only half of the face of Shichimi, panic intensify.
_SoundFx(door knock): BOOM!BOOM!BOOOM!!_
_Saffron (big): SHICHIMI!!!_
**Panel 22:** Schichimi begins to operate one of the bellows of the forge, sweating and under pressure.
_SoundFx(door knock): BOOM!BOOM!BOOOM!!_
_Shichimi (in small, to the egg): Quicker! Quicker!_
_SoundFx(egg shell): CRACK!_
**Panel 23:** Close up of Saffron(we guess on other side of the door). She now has hair starting to glow fire, her eyes turned into flame, she is angry at max.
_Saffron (big): SHICHIMI!!! LET ME ENTER!!!_
**Panel 24:** Schichimi pumps intensively the bellows of the forge, sweating.
_Shichimi (in small, to the egg): Almost!_
_SoundFx(egg shell): CRACK!_
**Panel 25:** intense close up, Schichimi close the eyes under the intense effort.
_SoundFx(egg shell big): CRAA~~~AACK!_
**Panel 26:** Large side view, a tiny dragon look up and do a eye contact with a smiling Shichimi in the middle of its piece of broken shell. Time froze for an instant. Happy panel.
**Panel 27:** Close up on the tiny dragon smiling.
**Panel 28:** Close up on Shichimi, very happy (with dust of coal on the face, mixed with sweat).
**Panel 29:** Same shot on Shichimi, but mega surprised with an explosion behind her.
_SoundFx(door explode, not in shot): BOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!_
**Panel 30:** A large shot of the room with a full human torch Saffron in the frame of the room, her fire aura radiate all the room like a well of petrol burning. The door is exploded on the floor and calcinated. Shichimi put her hands on her head: big panic time!
_Saffron (big): SHI...CHI...MI!!!_
**Panel 31:** A panel only for fire-torch-Saffron, filled with angryness and fire.
**Panel 32:** Close up on shelves around with all eggs starting to crack. A foot, a wing, a nose, an arm appears already. Ambiance of the room is deep red.
**Panel 33:** Big close up on the eyes of Shichimi (piece of shell fly in the panel like popcorn).
_Schichimi: !!!..._
**Panel 34:** Big close up on the eyes of Saffron surprised by all this sound (piece of shell fly in the panel like popcorn).
_Schichimi: !!!..._
**Panel 35:** Final large panel: we are outside the temple (we can see it in the distance, with a small dark smoke getting out of it). The scene happens on the grass. On the right of the picture sit Shichimi with a single baby dragon yelling at her a little heart. But Shichimi is not happy, she is jealous because on the left part of the picture Saffron has almost hundreds of baby dragons playing with her and with little speechbubble with hearts. She is really happy within her cloud of dragon puppys. It's clearly the best day of her life!
_Saffron: Oh, Shichimi. I forgot to say:_
_Saffron: You are totally excused!_
## *FIN*
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