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......@@ -90,3 +90,16 @@ Suddenly, in front of Carrot's friends (names proposed: Asparagus, Zucchini and
From it, a new creature appears. It looks like the terrorific one with red-eye, but this creature looks older, with blue-eye and doesn't cause fear at all.
He is Fig Orange aka Figor (intended pun of Igor, recurring servant's name), servant of the other one. He notice the cats, that looks at him astonished.
Figor doesn't say a word, he's going to try to enter to the witch's house, his master forgot something important.
From within Pepper's bedroom, we can see the mysterious creature getting nearer of Carrot in foreground. Carrot is holding tight the costume while arching his back.
Carrot is getting ready for the confrontation, while the little fairy is hiding behind him, trembling and surprised by her master attitude.
In the background, Figor can be seen at the window, waving at his master to attract his attention. Figor seems desperate to have his master looking at him and horrified by the scene he's witnessing.
In Figor's hand, we distinguish a faintly shining small item.
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