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New episode - "the present"

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The present
* **Author:** Nicolas Artance <[](>
* **License:** [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)](
## Page 1
**Panel 1:** Large panel showing a kind of big temple (japanese style), surrounded by white mist. Impossible to say if this temple is outside or not. A wild speechbubble comes from the temple.
_Voice: Come on..._
**Panel 2:** Zoom inside the temple. There is a large garden in the center of the temple, very bright, where white and intense light floats. There are also some witches wearing kind of kimonos, who waters some impressive flowers. Some of them are wearing a priestess robe, and are preying in front of a kind of statue (which looks like a ghost). The garden is surrounded by doors, and wild speechbubble comes from one of them.
_Voice: You can do it..._
**Panel 3:** Another zoom on the door itself. It is a sliding door with some symbols on it.
_Voice: Just a little more!_
## Page 2
**Panel 4:** Behind the door. It is a large room, with not a lot of things inside. We can see two strange potteries which diffuse a white smoke in the room, a little coffee table with all the material to do some tea, a shelf with mystic objects (stones, statuettes, etc) and a thick carpet near to a wall.
The focus point of the scene is on the right. There is a large cauldron with a white fire below, and the smoke generated seems to be caught by the other white smoke generated by the strange potteries.
In front of the cauldron, we find our friend Shichimi, who seems to generate the white fire with magic. But it is very hard...
**Panel 5:** Shichimi tries to intensify her magic.
_Shichimi: GNNNN!_
**Panel 6:** But nothing happens. She gives up.
_Shichimi: It is useless..._
## Page 3
**Panel 7:** The white smoke disappears from the cauldron, but is going in front of Shichimi's face.
**Panel 8:** The smoke becomes a little spirit made of white flames. It seems very embarrassed.
**Panel 9:** Shichimi has a sorry face.
_Shichimi: You did a great job. I am sorry to have disturbed you. I am not strong enough..._
**Panel 10:** Suddenly, the door is opened abruptly. Shichimi jumps, and the little spirit disappears for good. A strong voice is heard from the door.
_Voice: SHICHIMI!_
**Panel 11:** Shichimi, scared, turns round carefully.
**Panel 12:** Shichimi is surprised.
**Panel 13:** Zoom on the door. We discovers the identity of the visitor, hands on her hips, with a unhappy face.
_Shichimi: SAFFRON?!_
## Page 4
**Panel 14:** Saffron tramps towards Shichimi, with clenched fists. Shichimi tries to hide the cauldron behind her.
_Saffron: I am very, very angry!_
_Shichimi: But... but... how did you enter here?!_
**Panel 15:** Saffron, in front of Shichimi, starts to shout, her hands on her hips again, slightly reclined forwards.
_Saffron: I can't believe you've done this to me!_
_Shichimi: I've done... what? But... I've done anything to you!_
**Panel 16:** Saffron has large gestures. Shichimi tries to adapt to keep the cauldron hidden from Saffron's sight.
_Saffron: That's EXACTLY the problem! You've done anything! In a day like that... I demand apologies! Now!_
_Shichimi: But... apologies for what?!_
**Panel 17:** Saffron continues her theatrical performance. Shichimi has more and more difficulties to hide the cauldron.
_Saffron: I was thinking you were a good friend! But it was a lie! Even Pepper is a better friend than you, now! She didn't forget!_
_Shichimi: But forget what?!_
**Panel 18:** Saffron starts to generate angry flames. Shichimi starts to lose her balance.
_Saffron: So you really forgot... I want apologies!!_
_Shichimi: But... but..._
## Page 5
**Panel 19:** Shichimi falls. Saffron launches a fire spell in her direction. As Shichimi is falling, the spell touches the cauldron.
_Saffron: NOW!_
**Panel 20:** Shichimi is straightening, horrified, looking at the cauldron. The fire below is now red and orange as usual. Saffron crosses her arms and turns her nose up, offended.
_Shichimi: ...are you just trying to burn me?!!!_
_Saffron: That's your entire fault! You shouldn't have forgot that..._
**Panel 21:** Saffron notices the cauldron. Shichimi is panicked.
_Saffron: What is in that cauldron?_
_Shichimi: N... nothing!_
**Panel 22:** Saffron tries to look inside. Shichimi tries to prevent her from doing so.
_Saffron: What do you prepare? Is that the cause of your omission?!_
_Shichimi: Omission of what? Don't look at it, please!_
**Panel 23:** A sound of "knock knock" comes from the cauldron. Saffron and Shichimi stop their little fight.
_Saffron: What is that?_
_Shichimi: That what? I... I didn't hear anyth..._
# Page 6
**Panel 24:** The cauldron explodes! Saffron and Shichimi try to protect themselves.
**Panel 25:** Saffron is angry against Shichimi again.
_Shichimi: N... no! And you tried to burn me, so..._
**Panel 26:** A little roar takes their attention.
**Panel 27:** There is a baby dragon on the ground, in the middle of an opened egg.
**Panel 28:** Saffron is surprised. She screams with bright eyes, joining her hands, with a large smile.
_Saffron: OOOOH! A dragon! So cute!_
**Panel 29:** Saffron takes the dragon in her arms to cuddle it. Shichimi seems to be dead: no pupils, a little and strange white steam coming out her mouth... like she didn't want someone else to see this dragon...
_Saffron: What a surprise! I was thinking you forgot my birthday! Thank you so much!_
_Shichimi: You... you're welcome..._
## *FIN*
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