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......@@ -6,6 +6,15 @@ A collection of episodes ideas collected from our IRC channel, with author and d
About [artwork from this livestream](
**20:47 deevad** Pepper wake up, see throught the windows ; autumn started. She is alerted, and hurry to prepare a potion all day. She finally finish the potion. She is happy. She drink it and get younger , really younger. She tell "perfect, duration estimated 4 hours". She run on the mountain. Sit on a rock, and tell Carrot " That my favorite thing in life.... watching autumn with with same vision as in my childhood"
Note: Transforming into a children needs to have a higher cost than a single day preparing a potion.
**18:23 CalimeroTeknik:** when will Pepper have her magic cloud (which is a literal cloud) for putting all of her stuff
**18:24 CalimeroTeknik:** and suddenly it doesn't respond anymore and she realizes she had no idea where the stuff went. uh-oh!
**18:26 CalimeroTeknik:** some items remain lost but all is good since the most important one (of little monetary value) has been recovered
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