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In a nutshell: you need to install Inkscape and fonts (see the subfolder `tools/fonts` for more details), clone the repo, and copy/paste a folder in the `lang/` repo, give the [ISO name](https://framagit.org/peppercarrot/webcomics/blob/master/lang-ISO.json) of your language, and edit all the files.
You can also add the little description for the website in the `about/` folder.
## References
Pepper and Carrot MINI is based on Pepper&Carrot. You can see the translation file for all elements of the main universe [here](https://framagit.org/peppercarrot/webcomics/blob/master/translation-names-references.fods). If your are curious, you can also visit the [wiki](https://www.peppercarrot.com/static8/wiki) of the main website to learn more about Pepper&Carrot universe and... maybe contribute ? :o)
A funny webcomic where we find Pepper, Carrot and their friends all "minified".
You can see how to add a translation in [the Framagit repo](https://framagit.org/Nartance/peppercarrotmini).
More information about the author via [his profile on deviantArt](https://nartance.deviantart.com/).
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Un webcomic loufoque et décallé où l'on retrouve Pepper, Carrot et leurs amis tous "minifiés".
Vous pouvez trouver la procédure d'ajout d'une traduction sur [le repo Framagit](https://framagit.org/Nartance/peppercarrotmini).
Plus d'information sur l'auteur via [son profil deviantArt](https://nartance.deviantart.com/).
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