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Ah was the last school to get involved with The Great War. They felt that the quarrel was best sorted out among the other schools. What dragged them into the war was the violation of the principles. Zombiah's resurrections on a large scale were what first got Ah's attention (Ah firmly believes that the body is a prison and that anything to bring about reunification of the body and the spirit is anathema to them). The second was Chaosah's increasing involvement in bringing about disorder and chaos to the rest of the schools. Both of these angered Wasabi and lead her to declare war on all of the schools. Ah's vengeance was swift. No school was prepared for the assault from angry spirit warriors. Ah also convinced many of the Zombiah warriors to join them, which brought about Zombiah's defeat and eventual surrender. Magmah and Aquah also surrendered and signed treaties, both with each other and with Ah. Chaosah was the only school that did not relent, and was eventually destroyed in a cataclysm unlike anything seen in Hereva. Chaosah's destruction destroyed the balance of Rea in Hereva. The Great Tree of Komona split into two, and Komona started descending to the ground. Ah was pressured by Hippiah and the other schools into reviving all of the members of Chaosah they could. As part of their conditions for ending the war all of the schools have treaties with Ah that are ratified yearly and kept in the temples of Ah. It's these treaties that have given Ah leverage over the other schools.
\mysection[Communicatingwithspirits]{Communicating with Spirits}
Ah is the only school that communicates directly with the spirit world. Ah students begin by using verbal and ritualistic means of communication, but later develop the ability to project their thoughts into the spirit world. The spirits respond in a myriad of ways. Some may project their responses into the minds of those who are open to receiving, but others prefer more physical communication (knocking over objects, moving a stylus, or other means. Spirits will not touch the bodies of the living, lest they become bonded with the spirit of the living. This bonding can be quite painful for both spirits. A spirit needing physical form will more readily inhabit a non-living entity rather than compete with a living entity. Sprits asked to posess a living entity will flatly refuse to do so because of the pain both parties will endure.
If a spirit is forced to bond with a living entity the living entity will receive three stress. Those that are not taken out from the bonding have the duration of the scene with the spirit until the spirit will choose to leave. Take an additional two stress from the spirit leavig the body.
Spirits are capricious beings with their own agendas. When a practitioner of Ah asks the spirits for truth the sprits may give cryptic answers or answers that are true from their perspective. They will not lie when asked for truth but are under no obligation to reveal everything they know from a simple question. Asking questions like "which of these doors leads to the exit" will reveal a truthful answer, but questions like "give us directions to the crystal fountain" may end with truthful, yet disappointing results. ("I'm a spirit, not a tour guide").
\mysection[Ahtoday]{Ah today}
The Great War put Ah in a position of power over the other schools. They have signed treaties with each of the schools that have stripped each school of some of their powers. Zombiah agreed not to perform resurrections unless for dire need or for magical contests. Magmah and Aquah agreed to be peaceful to each other and to be more aware of the other's needs. Hippiah was the least affected by the treaty, agreeing only to not get into conflict with the other schools. Chaosah, however, was the school that was hardest hit by agreeing to Ah's terms for peace. Those terms are discussed in the section on Chaosah. Ah continues to promote their version of order through the peace deals they have brokered with each school. Wasabi even instituted The Unity Tree as a symbol of unity. It represented the impossible triangle, but managed to put Ah at the top of the pyramid-like structure. Ah considers its spiritual path is the right way forward in Hereva, and does everything it can to ensure compliance wit its goals.
......@@ -2614,5 +2622,4 @@ Not only have the witches been summoned for a potion challenge, they also need t
\renewcommand{\peppercarrotTocOtherFolksInHereva}{Other Folks in Hereva}
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