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## Hippiah Adventure Seeds
* One of the Hippiah witches read from a spell book labeled "Forbidden Spells. DO NOT READ!" and accidentally cast one of them on her plants. This has caused the plant to become sentient. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing, but unfortunately it also believes that plant life should overtake Hereva, and is now using Hippiah magic to grow all of the plants and make them self-aware. It's up to the witches to defeat the rogue plant.
* A magical blight is causing many of the plants and trees in the forests to wither and die. The blight continues to spread and if not stopped all of the plants in Hereva will be gone. It's up to the witches to stop the blight, learn who or what caused it, and restore the plants that were lost.
## Aquah Adventure Seeds
* Some errant Chaosah potions have leached into the water table and have created a hole at the bottom of the sea. It's up to the witches to fix the hole before all of Hereva's water disappears into it.
* A faction of Aquah believes that they can gain more dominance over the rest of Hereva by warming the frozen parts of Hereva. This will lead to more water which will expand Aquah's territory. Unfortunately this is also wreaking havoc on the climate of Hereva and causing major issues with the weather. It's up to the witches to restore the balance before it's too late.
## Magmah Adventure Seeds
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