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......@@ -2626,7 +2626,7 @@ Not only have the witches been summoned for a potion challenge, they also need t
\textit{Hereva has creatures.}
\renewcommand{\peppercarrotHeadlineMakingHerevaYourOwn}{Making Hereva Your Own}
......@@ -2646,5 +2646,5 @@ Not only have the witches been summoned for a potion challenge, they also need t
\mysection[labelPlacingHerevaInYourWorld]{Placing Hereva in Your World}
The World of Hereva doesn't come with a predefined map. This is on purpose. The lack of a map allows you to place locations of Hereva into your own world. It also allows Hereva to expand to include more locations as needed. The locations are loosely defined so if you want to place areas like Squirrel's End and The Forest of Squirrel's End in the outskirts of a city you can. Distances in Hereva are also not explicitly defined so you can make journeys between locations as interesting or as quick as you choose. There's also nothing stopping you from adding your locations into Hereva; the planet is constantly evolving and changing. Most locations have been mapped by one of Hereva's cartographers but there could be new locations being added all of the time. They could also be locations that have eluded the expert cartographers because of how they choose their routes. A new, previously unexplored location would be a big deal for the cartographers and they'd love any help they can get in mapping it. And if it contains any old ruins or cities that were previously unknown the adventurers guild would need someone to explore it.
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