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## Komona adventure Seeds
* There is a rumor that a witch is selling illegal potions to various folks (including a swordsman). The witches are tasked with finding out who is responsible.
* One of the merchants in Komona Square is accused of being a spy working to undermine the city of Komona, but nobody knows who they are working for. The witches are tasked with discretely following this spy and determine who, or what they are working for and prevent them from ruining the city.
## Chaosah Adventure Seeds
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## Ah Adventure Seeds
* A dying dragon comes to the temples of Ah for its final resting place. During conversations with the dragon the witches learn of unfinished business the dragon wanted to accomplish. The witches swear to help the dragon with his dying request.
* Ah has been gathering intelligence about all of the schools for generations, but refuses to share that knowledge with the other schools. Unfortunately Ah has gathered data that could help one of the schools, but refuses to share it. It's up to the witches of that school to sneak in and find that information in Ah's archives before it's too late.
## Hippiah Adventure Seeds
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