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\renewcommand{\peppercarrotTocPlayingInHereva}{Playing in Hereva}
\mysection{Where is Hereva?}
Hereva is a designed to be both a stand-alone world or part of a larger world. It doesn't contain a map for this specific purpose. The only parts that are true for Hereva geography are that the school of Ah is located near the three setting moons. The rest is up to your imagination.
Residents of Hereva are able to navigate this easily, and with broom-based flying technology it's a short matter to get to any location within Hereva. That doesn't mean that every location is well-mapped. It's still possible to be lost in certain forests, or to get turned around while in-flight (it can also make for interesting scenarios where players believe they are heading to one place, only to find that it has moved without their knowledge, but we advise using this plot device sparingly).
There are several themes in the Pepper\&Carrot comic:
\item Tradition: The young witches in each of the schools question the traditions they've been given. Why do we do what we do, and is it still useful? We see this in Pepper's interactions with her godmothers, but even the rest of the young witches feel trapped and constrained by the expectations of their school and their society. Putting the characters into adventures where they work against their school's traditions and societal norms will capture the spirit of the Pepper\&Carrot comic.
\item Exploration: Pepper is often seen exploring various areas of Hereva. Whether she's using a book as a guide for traversing a ruined castle or encountering fairies in the forest there is always the chance of adventure and exploration. Uncovering new places and situations in Hereva is common. Even something like a mundane trip to Komona's markets can lead to something magical.
\item Fun: Pepper\&Carrot is intended to be light-hearted and fun. Sure, there may be dangers lurking around the bend, but ...
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