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Adding Wasabi, adding more Chaosah seeds

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......@@ -1853,7 +1853,6 @@ Trouble:\\ ``Thyme would rather have Cayenne as a protégé than me''
Other Aspects:~Deep knowledge of Hereva's plants;~``I trust Thyme as far as I can throw her''
......@@ -1984,7 +1983,7 @@ REFRESH:~3
Shichimi is a young girl from the school of Ah. She spends most of her days wandering the lands of Hereva. At night she camps under the three setting moons of Ah. She is accompanied by her companion, the two-tailed fox Yuzu. She has a tendency to take things literally which can get her into trouble. She is high up in the ranks of Ah, but the ascetic demands of Wasabi, the leader of Ah, tests Shichimi's patience and resolve. Shichimi wanders more of Hereva than any of the other adepts of Ah, exploring and learning from the various cultures and traditions of the various magical schools of Ah. She is the first student of Ah to participate in Komona's magical contests, and has learned much from them. Her potion of rapid growth was learned from Hippiah's school, and her ``flashy'' spell at the most recent magic contest was learned while consulting with Saffron from the Magmah school. Her penchant for wandering into other schools has brought her to the attention of Wasabi, who keeps a close watch over Shichimi and what she is learning.
......@@ -2032,6 +2031,54 @@ REFRESH:~3
Wasabi is the leader of the school of Ah. She values order over all other things and feels that only by order can Hereva be brought closer to the world of the spirits. She is exceptional with communicating with the spirit world, but disorder and distractions keep her from communicating with them as much as she would like. She uses her wandering students to gather information from other schools and keeps a constant flow of knowledge about each of the schools. She wears white robes to signify her level of connection with the spirit world.
High Concept:\\ ``Leader of the school of Ah''
Trouble:~Too many distractions
Other Aspects:~``There are no secrets from me'';~``Close to the spirit world''
``Information~is~Power'':~Because I have \textbf{Collected information about all of the schools of Hereva} once per game session I can \textbf{reveal a fact about one of the other schools}.
Camomile is a human / raccoon witch of Hippiah. She is one of the most powerful witches in Hippiah, partly because of her driven nature and partly because of her appearance. Many witches of Hippiah regard raccoons as a pest that demolish gardens, so Camomile's acceptance into the school caused some Hippiah witches to be concerned. Camomile always felt like she had to work extra hard to show her teachers that she was worthy of being called a Hippiah witch. She studied long hours into the night and did double the work of her fellow classmates in the fear that she would be expelled for not measuring up to the real and perceived higher standards of her teachers. This made her one of the top students of the class, which also brought attention from the other students, who teased her. This gave Camomile focus to be the best student she possibly could be, but also left her feeling like an impostor in her own school. Eventually a kind teacher named Quassia took Camomile aside. Quassia was a human / opossum witch, and she relayed her experiences to Camomile. FIXME said she also felt she had to work harder to get the acceptance of her peers, but that it wasn't because she was inferior. She explained that people have a hard time with folks and experiences that are different from them. This all stems from fear of the unknown. Fear is a powerful motivator, and can cause others to try to find comfort in that fear, whether it is by belittling someone or worse. The problem, Quassia said, is not with Camomile, but with the others. The only person she needed to impress was herself. Let the others figure it out for themselves. Camomile took this advice to heart and ignored the taunts and teasing of the other students. Many of the students eventually matured and realized that Camomile was a confident and capable witch. She continues to grow as a confident Hippiah witch, but her main drive is competition with herself, not the adoration of the other Hippiah students. When it was time to select a student to represent Hippiah at the Magic Contest she was overwhelmingly chosen by the other Hippiah students to represent them.
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