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Adding Books Are Great adventure seed, skeleton for locations that need explanation

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\subsection{The Caves of Hereva}
\subsection{Books Are Great}
\item Many of the old castles in Hereva have been explored, but a handful of unexplored castles remain. The Hereva Adventurers Guild recently had a feud among its membership and don't have the resources to explore the rest of these castles. The remaining members of the Hereva Adventurers Guild (HAG) have posted flyers in Komona's market looking for adventurers to explore these remaining places and document them so they might be published so others can enjoy them. The witches could use the extra Ko, so they decide to explore these castles. But the newly formed rival group, the Hereva Adventuring Society for Teachable Excursions Network (HASTEN) is also looking to explore these areas, and wants to be the first to publish the definitive guides.
# Locations
* Komona
* Saffron's Shop
* Squirrel's End
* Tenebrum (Chaosah sacred hill)
* Qualicity
* Ah / Temples of Ah
* Temples of Aquah
* School of Hippiah
* Battlefield
* Sage of the Mountain
* Web cave
* Place of the Fairies
* "Books are great" castle
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