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trying to add more about how Hereva relates to our world and what to do with that

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......@@ -2621,5 +2621,24 @@ Not only have the witches been summoned for a potion challenge, they also need t
\renewcommand{\peppercarrotHeadlineOtherFolksInHereva}{Other Folks in Hereva}
\renewcommand{\peppercarrotTocOtherFolksInHereva}{Other Folks in Hereva}
% FIXME: Need an introduction sentence}
\textit{Hereva has creatures.}
\renewcommand{\peppercarrotHeadlineMakingHerevaYourOwn}{Making Hereva Your Own}
\renewcommand{\peppercarrotTocMakingHerevaYourOwn}{Making Hereva Your Own}
\renewcommand{\peppercarrotTextMakingHerevaYourOwn}{Making Hereva Your Own} {%
\textit{Hereva is more than the sum of what is in this book and the Pepper\&Carrot comics; it's a world of magic that can be adapted as part of an existing campaign or explored as a sandbox campaign. Here are some guidelines on how to adapt Hereva to make it your own}
\mysection[labelHerevaDimensions]{Hereva Dimensions}
Hereva is a world where different dimensions are part of its reality. There's a dimension where Chaosah Demons live, waiting to be summoned for nefarious purposes, or just to be part of afternoon tea. There are otherworldly horrors that lurk, waiting for the opportune alignment of Hereva's three moons to create a rift in order to allow them to enter. Chaosah magic can also create micro-dimensions and pocket universes to seal themselves off fro the rest of the world. Dimensions can be a great way to not only allow characters to hop between worlds, but also allow things from other worlds to enter Hereva.
Hereva has a peculiar relationship with our world. Many things in the world of Hereva are similar to things that we have in our world (or had in our world's past). This can be a great way to introduce pieces of our world into Hereva. Want to have an easy way for characters to get a list of tasks to do? The Crystal Ball network is similar to the World-Wide Web network that we use as part of the Internet. Perhaps there's a job board that pays interested parties to perform certain tasks. The Witches of Chaosah and Ah monitor other dimensions and are keenly aware of the existence of other worlds and their technologies. Perhaps they're not the only ones, and maybe there's a cottage industry of folks who scan other dimensions looking for inventions and other things to bring into their own world. Maybe the people of Hereva were transported from our own world into Hereva as part of some magical experiment that the dragons performed? What might happen if the dragons perform that experiment again?
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