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* Some late-night programming caused one of Coriander's constructs to break it's control programming and escape. Coriander needs help finding the construct before it corrupts the rest of its programming and does any more damage.
* Coriander is worried that someone or something is trying to remove her from the throne (both figuratively and literally). The witches need to discover who might be behind these sinister plots.
* Zombiah is forbidden from using their powers of reanimation on the dead (save for magical contests) but a faction of Zombiah practitioners bristles at this agreement. They have been secretly reanimating followers and are planning to overthrow Ah and reclaim the right to practice their magic to the fullest. It's up to the witches to locate this group and convince them to stop before Ah takes notice and destroys Zombiah like it did with Chaosah.
## Ah Adventure Seeds
* A dying dragon comes to the temples of Ah for its final resting place. During conversations with the dragon the witches learn of unfinished business the dragon wanted to accomplish. The witches swear to help the dragon with his dying request.
* Ah has been gathering intelligence about all of the schools for generations, but refuses to share that knowledge with the other schools. Unfortunately Ah has gathered data that could help one of the schools, but refuses to share it. It's up to the witches of that school to sneak in and find that information in Ah's archives before it's too late.
* If information is power then Wasabi is the most powerful witch in all of Hereva. She believes that Hereva would be best with complete order, and sends her adepts to gather information and uses the spirits both for guidance and reconnaissance. It's up to the witches to learn of her plans and stop Wasabi before she remakes the world of Hereva into her own design.
## Hippiah Adventure Seeds
* One of the Hippiah witches read from a spell book labeled "Forbidden Spells. DO NOT READ!" and accidentally cast one of them on her plants. This has caused the plant to become sentient. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing, but unfortunately it also believes that plant life should overtake Hereva, and is now using Hippiah magic to grow all of the plants and make them self-aware. It's up to the witches to defeat the rogue plant.
* A magical blight is causing many of the plants and trees in the forests to wither and die. The blight continues to spread and if not stopped all of the plants in Hereva will be gone. It's up to the witches to stop the blight, learn who or what caused it, and restore the plants that were lost.
## Aquah Adventure Seeds
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* Someone has tampered with the annual Magmah fireworks display. It's up to the witches to find it and stop the saboteur before things go horribly wrong.
* The honor of Magmah is threatened when a rival group of chefs declare that Magmah's recipes were stolen from them. It's up to the witches to find out the truth, and possibly be involved in a cooking contest that will settle the matter once and for all of who's cuisine reigns supreme.
## Komona adventure Seeds
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