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## Hippiah Adventure Seeds
* One of the Hippiah witches read from a spell book labeled "Forbidden Spells. DO NOT READ!" and accidentally cast one of them on her plants. This has caused the plant to become sentient. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing, but unfortunately it also believes that plant life should overtake Hereva, and is now using Hippiah magic to grow all of the plants and make them self-aware. It's up to the witches to defeat the rogue plant.
## Aquah Adventure Seeds
* Some errant Chaosah potions have leached into the water table and have created a hole at the bottom of the sea. It's up to the witches to fix the hole before all of Hereva's water disappears into it.
## Magmah Adventure Seeds
* Someone has tampered with the annual Magmah fireworks display. It's up to the witches to find it and stop the saboteur before things go horribly wrong.
## Potion Challenges
* Not only have the witches been summoned for a potion challenge, they also need to find the ingredients to make the potions!
* One of the ingredients can be a "secret ingredient" that is revealed during the potion contest.
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