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......@@ -1821,7 +1821,7 @@ Quick:~Average~(+1)
Skilled~Chaosah~Teacher:~Because I am a \textbf{skilled spell teacher of Chaosah} I get +2 when I \textbf{Carefully Overcome Obstacles} when a Chaosah Witch has trouble with a Chaosah spell.
......@@ -2360,7 +2360,7 @@ Potions created at Poor level or lower are unstable and unusable. Depending on t
Using a potion is the same as casting a spell. Use the effectiveness of the potion as the starting level for the spell and roll to find if the potion succeeds. On a successful roll the aspect from the potion is added to the character, object, or scene.
\subsection{Example of creating and using potions}%
\label{sub:Example of creating and using potions}
Pepper is creating a Potion of Genius. She uses her Quick (Good) approach to create the potion. She doesn't add any other bonuses to her roll, and rolls a Mediocre result (+0), which doesn't add anything to her Quick (Good) approach. Her potion now has the aspect ``Potion of Genius'' at the level of Good. The GM determines that making a cat into a genius is Good difficulty. She rolls again and gets an Average (+1) result, which is more than the difficulty of Good. When she gives it to Carrot he takes the aspect ``Temporary Genius'' for the duration of the scene. If she were to attempting to make inanimate rock a temporary genius the GM may set the difficulty at Fantastic or higher (Making an inanimate rock a genius is difficult, even by Hereva standards), so even the Great level of the potion would have no effect.
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