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# Possible adventure seeds
## Chaosah Buries their Failures
## Chaosah Adventure Seeds
* Chicory Returns: Chicory breaks her self-imposed exile from her pocket universe to visit our universe. Something has happened which she believes could jeopardize not only our universe but every universe out there. The witches will need to work together to determine what fate could possibly make Chicory break her silence.
### Chaosah Buries their Failures
* The Witches of Chaosah have a long tradition of burying their failures. But not all failures are complete failures, and some of them are not as "inert" as one would like:
* Potions are leaking out and combining in unpredictable ways. It's up to the characters to find the source of the problem and render the potions inert before the potions combine in even more terrible ways.
* Too much Rea in one area attracts folks looking to harvest the Rea for their own purposes. The wrong folks getting their hands on that much Rea could have dire consequences.
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* Perhaps an experiment to find ways to take Chaosah magic closer to the magical fundamentals was abandoned too soon; just before an important breakthrough. The witches of Chaosah have heard of this legendary experiment, and the notes that surfaced contain clues for how to continue the experiments.
* In a fit of cleaning Cumin buried some magical artifacts that should not have been buried. Unfortunately she doesn't remember where she buried them. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except Thyme is waiting on them and doesn't realize they're missing. Help!
## Squirrel's End Adventure Seeds
### Squirrel's End Adventure Seeds
* Pepper has forgotten to disarm her traps again. The witches will need to head out to disarm Pepper's clever traps. Hope they don't miss one!
* This scenario is best with some GM creativity. Some sample traps are provided to give you some ideas on the flavor of traps but we encourage you to make your own.
* ( List of traps from Pepper's Birthday Party)
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* There is a rumor that a witch is selling illegal potions to various folks (including a swordsman). The witches are tasked with finding out who is responsible.
* One of the merchants in Komona Square is accused of being a spy working to undermine the city of Komona, but nobody knows who they are working for. The witches are tasked with discretely following this spy and determine who, or what they are working for and prevent them from ruining the city.
## Chaosah Adventure Seeds
## Zombiah Adventure Seeds
* Some late-night programming caused one of Coriander's constructs to break it's control programming and escape. Coriander needs help finding the construct before it corrupts the rest of its programming and does any more damage.
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## Magmah Adventure Seeds
* Someone has tampered with the annual Magmah fireworks display. It's up to the witches to find it and stop the saboteur before things go horribly wrong.
* The honor of Magmah is threatened when a rival group of chefs declare that Magmah's recipes were stolen from them. It's up to the witches to find out the truth, and possibly be involved in a cooking contest that will settle the matter once and for all of who's cuisine reigns supreme.
## Potion Challenges
* Not only have the witches been summoned for a potion challenge, they also need to find the ingredients to make the potions!
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