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    ******** Archiving this repo ************ · da4df130
    David Revoy authored
    This is not the end of the book quest: just the end of this repo:
    I have now another design in mind that would totally change the
    repository structure and I don't want to start with a .git history
    bloated with 100MB and 71MB of files on tree.
    On main ideas for the new:
    - Artworks/Logos/Titles should not be hosted on the repo, they
      should be hosted on or extras and
      being downloaded/updated on the fly.
    - The repo should contain an auto-updater with less impact on the
      website. Requesting big zip from the server is not a sane way.
      I reduced the footprint, but this design is not going to work
      if I want to expand to 40 languages and generate PDF and books.
    - One master copy (English) and all other lang as 'soft-copy' that
      auto-update. All texts externally linked on txt files for being
      translated easily.
    - Lightweight repo.
    ==> I'll probably keep this repo on Framagit until mid-2020
    ==> New repo will be called book-publishing
    ==> This repo will be named book(archived - EOLMay2020)