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      [SCRIBUS 1.5.5] Convert all and clean preflight · 1dbecf07
      David Revoy authored
      Under something that could sound trivial, it's 00:43am and I started
      this convertion on morning. It litteraly took me more than 10h...
      To the menu and because preflight of 1.5.5 default options for
      PDF-X3 is much more sensitive to errors. I could fix more things:
      - Font with weird linespace.
      - Empty break-line on start of text frames.
      - Color of vector object going mad (back to RGB!)
      - Outline for vector object while it was "None" before
      - Centered text uncentered anymore. (apparently, align to margin changed
       between 1.4 and 1.5)
       - Text overflow on many frame because of font + linespacing issue
       - PDF export option altered (subtle, that checkbox hidden among 30
       of them that can ruin all)
       - Transparent image (I had to re-render ep28 in all lang to fix that)
       the script has now a silly workaround too to ensure not a single 1%
       transparent single pixel in a corner of a HD picture could survive
       the convert to tiff. Thanks the preflight for catching them even if
       it was PITA to fix. I imagine they could result into big black square
       at printing otherwise.
       Extra fix:
       Scribus 1.5.5 has a better way to switch preview/edit mode. So, I could
       fix the weird issue with frame not filling totally the bleeds as I saw a
       bit better what I was doing.
       Replace the texts.
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      Merge branch 'jmorahan-B03' into 'master' · 20df3f04
      David Revoy authored
      B03: one small suggestion
      See merge request !4
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