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The semantic of version number is 'Level.Version'. Level is for compatibility between sofwares and Version is the release number.
## [Unreleased]
WARNING: this version includes changes to the database. Run bin/updatedbto8.2.php on each user to upgrade your databases. Please read the added and changed sections carefully.
### Added
- Archives and GPG signing. To update, either set gpg/enabled = false in your configuration file or add your signing key to GPG and update your configuration file to add the fingerprint of your key (see Also install the new required library php-gnupg on your server to make everything working.
- Revision 2 in VersionAPI, add error responses and new routes.
### Changed
- Perpetual CS is added to cash sessions. The perpetual CS is computed server-side when writing a closed cash without including it to preserve retro-compatibility, but clients should be updated to send it along the other sums.
- Assigning an empty array or null does not keep an association values but clear them. To keep the actual value, do not set it in the json structure.
- Finer control when reading records from associative arrays for errors, new records and updates.
### Fixed
- ImageAPI sends a 404 response when no image is found.
- Base64 encoding of images data for non-direct rendering (other than the GET route).
- Clearing an array of associated values.
- Compatibility with PHPUnit 9.0.
- Test files are automatically added in test suites when following a naming convention.
## [8.1] - 2020-03-03
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