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Documentation for running Pasteque with the php standalone server.

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#### Web server configuration
##### Apache
Make your web server point to `/src/http/public` and for apache. Make sure `AllowOverride All` is set for this directory for the `.htaccess` in there to work.
You should now call an API: `http(s)://<url_to_pasteque>/api/<route>`
Check your installation by requesting `http(s)://<url_to_pasteque>/fiscal/` you should be prompted to login, and you should be able to log if the user and database are correctly set.
##### PHP standalone server
This method is not recommended but could help in certain cases, mostly for developpement and debugging. Or when no server at all could be installed.
Start the PHP standalone server running `src/http/public/index.php` with the command `php -S <host>:<port> src/http/public/index.php`. Like `php -S localhost:8080 src/http/public/index.php` or `php -S src/http/public/index.php`.
### Install clients
Once the API is up and running, all is required now is some clients to connect to it. Pick a cash register client (Desktop or Android) and a backoffice client (admin or jsadmin) and you are ready to go.
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