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Prioritized Labels
  • High priority
    For everything that is critical, such as unexpected behavior, segfaults, etc.
    • Project label
  • Medium priority
    For everything that is to do, rather soon, but is not critical nor blocking.
    • Project label
  • Low priority
    For everything that is to do, sooner or later.
    • Project label
  • Other Labels
  • Feature request
    For everything that you want to see implemented in the game. We'll do our best to make it a reality :)
    • Project label
  • Save corruption
    Everything related to saves corruptions.
    • Project label
  • Segfault
    For anything that is related to one or several segmentation faults.
    • Project label
  • Unplayable
    For everything that makes the game unplayable without restart, such as being blocked in the menus, for example.
    • Project label