Commit 9a9581ff authored by Olivier's avatar Olivier

Amphibook: renommage/maintenance des feuilles de style

La mise en page des documents Amphibooks est maintenant régie par
une feuille de style "manueldethermo.sty" prochainement publiée
sur un dépôt Framagit.
parent cea325d1
......@@ -6,6 +6,4 @@
\hypersetup{linkcolor=externallinkcolor}% back to normal link color
\usepackage{mybook_thermo} % custom rules go there
%\usepackage{showframe} % Debug mode to work on layout
\input{a/steer} % May contain \includeonly command genrated with bash script
\usepackage{manueldethermo} % All settings defined there
%\usepackage{showframe} % Debug mode, useful when working on layout
\input{a/steer} % Controls what actually gets compiled with \includeonly commands;
% Content of that file is controlled by bash script and edited during compilation
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