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M10: Remove backup shell script to extract PDF form information

parent b3f919b2
# Input parameters
# Cleanup output folder
mkdir -v script_output.old
mv -vf $outputfolder/* script_output.old/
# Copy input into the output folder, change directory to output folder
rsync -avh --delete $inputfolder/ $outputfolder/
mkdir -v $outputfolder/failed
cd $outputfolder
# Pick up all the files in input subfolder one by one
for returnpdf in return/*.pdf; do
# Extract filerootname code from submission pdf file name
filerootname=$(echo "$returnpdf" | sed -r 's/return\///' | sed -r 's/\.pdf//')
echo "#"
echo "#"
echo "extracting data from PDF for $filerootname …"
# Grab the PDF
mv -v return/$filerootname.pdf ./
# Extract last page of pdf
# Note that pdftk is not available by default on Ubuntu 18.04,
# see for workaround install
pdftk $filerootname.pdf cat r1 output lastpage.pdf
echo $filerootname > $filerootname.txt
# Extract point numbers, save to text file
less lastpage.pdf | cat | grep points: | sed -r 's/^.*points://' | sed -r 's/\s*//' | sed -r 's/,/\./' | sed -r 's/\n/\,/' >> "$filerootname"_a.txt
# Extract point numbers, save to text file
less lastpage.pdf | cat | grep discretion | sed -r 's/^.*discretion\)://' | sed -r 's/\s*//' | sed -r 's/,/\./' | sed -r 's/-//' >> "$filerootname"_b.txt
#| sed -r 's/n\/a|na|no|No|NO|O|ok|OK|Ok//'
# Extract comments, append to text file
less lastpage.pdf | cat | sed -e "1,/Comments (Optional)/d" | sed '/^\s*$/d' | sed -r 's/\x0c//' | sed 's/^.\{1,\}$/"&"/' >> "$filerootname"_c.txt
# Delete new lines in comments
#tr "\n" " " < "$filerootname"_c.txt | sed 's/,$/,\n/' > "$filerootname"_d.txt
# Put each line in quotes
#awk '{ print "\""$0"\""}' "$filerootname"_d.txt
cat "$filerootname"_a.txt >> $filerootname.txt
cat "$filerootname"_b.txt >> $filerootname.txt
cat "$filerootname"_c.txt >> $filerootname.txt
# Replace new lines with commas in text file
tr "\n" "," < $filerootname.txt | sed 's/,$/,\n/' > $filerootname.csv
cat $filerootname.csv
cat $filerootname.csv >> output.csv
# Measure file size of $filerootname (stored in a variable)
filesize=$(wc -c <$filerootname.txt)
# Check if $filerootname.txt has 17 bytes or less (six empty lines+code number)
if [ $filesize -le 17 ]
echo "failed to extract information from $filerootname.pdf"
mv -v lastpage.pdf failed/$filerootname.pdf
mv -v $filerootname.txt failed/$filerootname.txt
# Delete the PDF
rm -v $filerootname.csv
rm -v $filerootname.txt
rm -v "$filerootname"_*
rm -v $filerootname.pdf
rm -v lastpage.pdf
echo "#"
echo "#"
echo "#"
echo "done extracting the PDFs"
rm -rf return
cd ../
echo "end of script."
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