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Peer-graded student exercises
A collection of scripts (in Python, bash, LaTeX) to build and assign peer-graded individualized assignments for a large number of students. Each student is to:
1. register by email;
1. receive their own exercise, built with unique input parameters;
1. submit their answer by email;
1. receive two anonymized answers from peer students, each with the corresponding solution;
1. grade those two answers, and submit them by email;
1. receive their own peer-assigned grade and the solution to their own exercise.
This tool is being developed in order to experiment with peer-graded coursework in the [Fluid Mechanics course]( of the Chemical & Energy Engineering program in the [Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg](, Germany.
## Authors
Germán Santa-Maria, [Olivier Cleynen](, with the kind financial support of the [LSS laboratory]( of the university. Inspiration and guidance were gratefully received from [Mathias Magdowski]( (see [[1]](, [[2]](
## License
The code in this repository is published under the [GNU GPL v3](href=" license (see file [LICENSE](LICENSE) for full text).
## Structure
A total of nine modules (six of which being locally-run scripts) are needed to run the project.
### [ ] Module 1: Collect participant information
(in Moodle or through email)
### [ ] Module 2: Generate custom variables for assignments
(in Python)
### [ ] Module 3: Generate assignments and solutions
(in bash + LaTeX)
### [ ] Module 4: Send assignments to students
(in Python)
### [ ] Module 5: Receive submissions from students
(in Moodle or through email)
### [ ] Module 6: Match peers
(in Python)
### [ ] Module 7: Send peer grading assignments
(in Python)
### [ ] Module 8: Process grades
(in Python)
### [ ] Module 9: Send results to students
(in Python)
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