Commit 49dd47e2 authored by Olivier's avatar Olivier
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M11: simplify naming of input/output files

parent 87056023
......@@ -23,13 +23,13 @@ for submissionpdf in submissions/*.pdf; do
echo "#"
echo "building assignment PDF for $IDA …"
mv -v solutions/graded_solution1_$IDA.pdf ./solution.pdf
mv -v solutions/solution*_$IDA.pdf ./solution.pdf
mv -v submissions/$IDA.pdf ./submission.pdf
# Concatenate all three PDFs that we have together now
# Note that pdftk is not available by default on Ubuntu 18.04,
# see for workaround install
pdftk A=solution.pdf B=submission.pdf cat A B output done/Solution_submisison_1_$IDA.pdf
pdftk A=solution.pdf B=submission.pdf cat A B output done/Solution_submission_$IDA.pdf
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ mv -vf $inputbackupname archives/
# Import output of M3 and M5 into input of M11
rsync -avh --delete ../M5_collect_submissions/renamed\ pdfs/ $inputfolder/submissions/
rsync -avh --delete ../M3_generate_assignments/script_output/graded* $inputfolder/solutions/
rsync -avh --delete ../M3_generate_assignments/script_output/solution* $inputfolder/solutions/
# Clear output folder
rm -rvf $outputfolder/*
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