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Chapter 8: fix definition of turbulence intensity

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We define \vocab{turbulence intensity} $I$ as the average of the root-mean-square of the velocity fluctuations:
I &\equiv& \left[\frac{1}{3} \frac{1}{\overline V} \left[ \overline{\left(u'^2\right)} + \overline{\left(v'^2\right)} + \overline{\left(w'^2\right)} \right]\right]^\frac{1}{2} \label{eq_i}
I &\equiv& \frac{1}{\overline V} \left[\frac{1}{3} \left[ \overline{\left(u'^2\right)} + \overline{\left(v'^2\right)} + \overline{\left(w'^2\right)} \right]\right]^\frac{1}{2} \label{eq_i}
Turbulence intensity is a dimensionless local property representing the “strength” or “violence” of turbulence, usually expressed as a percentage. At each point in space, the root-mean-square of each of the three components of the velocity fluctuation is compared to the magnitude of the velocity.
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