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Exercises 8: clarify velocity components, add hint for math

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......@@ -32,13 +32,15 @@ In homogeneous, isotropic, fully-developed turbulence, we accept the following r
We imagine a turbulent flow described at some point with the equations (in \si{\metre\per\second})
V_x &=& 10 + \sin t\\
V_y &=& 0\\
V_z &=& 0
u &=& 10 + \sin t\\
v &=& 0\\
w &=& 0
(No real turbulent flow can be described by equations this simple — but this is a nice first basis for practice)
What are the values of $\overline{u}$, $u'$, $\overline{u'}$, $I_x$, $I$, and $k$?
Hint: $\int \sin^2 x \diff x = \frac{1}{2}\left(x + \frac{\sin 2x}{2} \right) + b$
\subsubsection{Turbulent channel flow}
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