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      Exercises 6: expanded tornado problem, proof-read · 23f88977
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      The problem remains non-examinable this year, but should be
      interesting enough to be part of the main problem sheet now
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      Exercises 10: proof-reading after pruning · 78810ecc
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      Chapter 10: proof-reading after pruning · f70f1f54
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      Also, the boundary layer momentum thickness is now written as
      delta** instead of theta.
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      Minor fixes (broken links, numbering) · 379ed284
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      Chapter 9: completed re-structuring · e9210df4
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      * Flow parameters (Re, Ma etc) come first, then force coefficients
      * New brief section on building models
      * Moved flow-parameters-as-force-ratios section to appendix
      * Overall re-write & strenthening
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      Exercises 7: major clean-up · d26ee240
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      * New exercise exploring practical implications of having laminar
        flow in pipes
      * Expanded/strengthened oil pipeline problem
      * Kugel fountain exercise de-listed, moved to back
        (fun not really critical)
      * One unconvincing theory exercise moved to archive
      * Wind tunnel design problem also moved to archive (not so well
        suited to individual coursework)
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      Chapter 7: Major re-work + proof-read · f119a320
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      The chapter is still unsatisfying in my eyes. I would like to see
      a more systematic method for quantifying pressure difference
      in pipes (mixing height, expansion/contraction, local losses,
      and wall friction losses).
      I would also like to see a good systematic (even if approximate)
      exploration of the dependency between the main parameters at hand.
      * Delta p_friction is now uniformly refered to as Delta p_loss
      * Ditched entrance effects, focus in on fully-developed flow and
        on methodology
      * Summary added at end to better picture relevance of chapter in
        view of the entire course
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      Chapter 4: cleaner structure, integrates better with main plan · 4fad4984
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      * Calculation of forces on wall come first. They are actually the
        most useful equations in the chapter
      * The derivation of the "grad p = rho g" equation is now done in
        3D, in line with the other chapters. I never completely understood
        the method I used to use (taken from classic textbooks) and suspect
        it just is worth nothing
        Part of the new derivation is taken back from chapter 6.
      * Static fluids are now clearly presented as a special case. This is
        now also reflected in the problem sheet.
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      Exercises 4: Major cleanup, -5+1 problems · cf5a5a8e
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      * Major cleanup. The problems that are not clearly about calculating
        a pressure force on a wall are gone.
      * Added one problem with non-static pressure distribution and
        non-flat surface (taken down from problem sheet 11)
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      Exercises 3: proof-read · 5cf84547
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      * refreshed formula sheet
      * labeled non-examinable exercises
      * fixed page layout somewhat
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