Commit 7166a1fa authored by Olivier's avatar Olivier

Exercises 3: fix numbering of answer 3.2.4

parent 47e36dc3
......@@ -385,7 +385,7 @@ Angular momentum balance through an arbitrary volume:
\item [\ref{exo_pipe_bend}]%
\tab 1) $\dot m = \SI{1,0603}{\kilogram\per\second}$
\tab 2) $\vec F_\net = \left(\num{-0,5681};\num{-1,2184}\right) \si{\newton}$
\tab 3) The force is quadrupled.
\tab 4) The force is quadrupled.
\item [\ref{exo_exhaust_gas_deflector}]%
\tab 1) $\vec F_\net = \left(\num{-9,532}; \num{+1,479}\right) \si{\kilo\newton}$ : $||\vec F_\net|| = \SI{9,646}{\kilo\newton}$ (force on ground is opposite: $\vec F_\text{fluid on pipe} = -\vec F_\text{pipe on fluid}$);
\tab 3) $||\vec F_\text{net 2}|| = \SI{8,525}{\kilo\newton}$.
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