Commit 67dd1272 authored by Olivier's avatar Olivier

Chapter 1: fix description of equation 1/16

With renewed thanks to Saksham Verma for reporting the issue
parent 5b142a8e
......@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@
\item where \tab $\dot m$ \tab\tab\tab is the mass flow (\si{\kilogram\per\second});
\item \tab $\rho$ \tab\tab\tab is the fluid density (\si{\kilogram\per\second});
\item \tab $\rho$ \tab\tab\tab is the fluid density (\si{\kilogram\per\metre\cubed});
\item \tab $A$ \tab\tab\tab is the area of the considered surface (\si{\metre\squared});
\item and \tab $V_\perp$ \tab is the component of velocity perpendicular to the surface (\si{\metre\per\second}).
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