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Web user interface for the OGP Toolbox

OGP Toolbox Logo

The OGP Toolbox is a collaborative platform to find and share digital tools used throughout the world for open government initiatives.

It is both a free open source software and an open data project with complementary resources published here:

Authors, Copyright & License

See LICENSE file


git clone https://github.com/ogptoolbox/ogptoolbox-ui
cd ogptoolbox-ui

Install dependencies

npm install

This will install npm dependencies in node_modules and Elm dependencies in elm-stuff.


Start the hot-reloading webpack dev server:

npm start

Navigate to http://localhost:3011. Any changes you make to your files (.elm, .js, .css, etc.) will trigger a hot reload.


When you're ready to deploy:

npm run build

This will create a dist folder (after removing the old one if present):

├── dist
│   ├── index.html
│   ├── 5df766af1ced8ff1fe0a.css
│   └── 5df766af1ced8ff1fe0a.js

To test the production build locally:

npm run serve
    > ogptoolbox-ui@0.0.1 serve /home/cbenz/Dev/ogptoolbox/ogptoolbox-ui
    > static --spa dist

    serving "." at
    serving as a single page app (all non-file requests redirect to index.html)

Navigate to http://localhost:3012.