Commit 6e396c2d authored by Olivier Gauthé's avatar Olivier Gauthé

pass tol in check

parent fff13c36
......@@ -745,7 +745,7 @@ class CTM_Z2(CTMRG):
print('s structure =', [(deg.count(n),n) for n in sorted(set(deg))])
boundSpec2, degen = self.check_boundSpec2(tol=tol, sqrt_inv=sqrt_inv)
print('boundSpec2 degeneracies =', degen)
rho = self.compute_density_matrix()
rho = self.compute_density_matrix(tol=tol)
l = list(np.rint(lg.eigvalsh(rho)/tol)*tol)
deg = [l.count(x) for x in set(l)]
print('rho degeneracies =', [(deg.count(n),n) for n in sorted(set(deg))])
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