Commit 829bbf3e authored by Nicolas Seydoux's avatar Nicolas Seydoux
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Fixed substitution typo

parent d93d7222
......@@ -318,6 +318,7 @@ public class RuleManager {
LOGGER.debug("Marking current node as originator");
query = this.queries.getTemplateQueries().get("reconstruct_rule_originator").substitute(substitution);
// The application pust also be marked as consumer of the rule's results
substitution.put("rule", uri);
String retrieveOriginatorQuery = this.queries.getTemplateQueries().get("get_originator").substitute(substitution);
Map<String, String> originator = Node.getInstance().getKBManager().queryModel(retrieveOriginatorQuery).get(0);
substitution.put("consumer", originator.get("originator"));
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