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# Introduction
![Kumiko mascot by Cthulhulumaid, [CC-BY-SA 4.0]( "Creative Commons License")](artwork/kumiko-big.png "Kumiko mascot by Cthulhulumaid")
![Kumiko mascot by Cthulhulumaid](artwork/kumiko-big.png "Kumiko mascot by Cthulhulumaid")
> Kumiko mascot by Cthulhulumaid, [CC-BY-SA 4.0]( "Creative Commons License")
*Kumiko, the Comics Cutter* is a set of tools to compute useful information about comic book pages, panels, and more.
Its main strength is to find out the **locations of panels** within a comic's page (image file).
......@@ -33,7 +35,9 @@ External programs can later use the generated information for different purposes
Bing able to jump from one panel to the next was the original idea behind *Kumiko*.
![[xkcd]( by Randall Munroe, [#208](, [CC BY-NC 2.5](](doc/img/xkcd.png "xkcd")
![xkcd #208](doc/img/xkcd.png "xkcd #208")
> [xkcd]( by Randall Munroe, [#208](, [CC BY-NC 2.5](
Comic viewers usually imply a very common *page-by-page reading paradigm*.
You read a page, possibly zooming on it to be able to read speech bubbles, then click, tap, press a key or swipe to go to the next page.
......@@ -69,7 +73,9 @@ The numbering is left to right, top to bottom for now (see roadmap).
Here is an example of how *Kumiko* is going to number panels by default (numbers and red lines not in the original picture).
![[Pepper & Carott]( by [David Revoy](, [episode 2](, [CC BY 4.0](](doc/img/numbering.png "Pepper&Carrot")
![Pepper&Carrot](doc/img/numbering.png "Pepper&Carrot")
> [Pepper & Carott]( by [David Revoy](, [episode 2](, [CC BY 4.0](
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