Commit e6c91b70 authored by Pascal J. Bourguignon's avatar Pascal J. Bourguignon

Corrected handing of end-of-file end-of-line due to new rdp. Moved test code to test sources.

parent 413b6e39
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@
;;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
;;;; along with this program. If not, see
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(setf *readtable* (copy-readtable nil)))
......@@ -197,18 +199,19 @@
(defmethod make-eol ((self scanner))
(make-instance 'tok-eol
:kind 'tok-eol
:kind 'eol
:text "<END OF LINE>"
:column (scanner-column self)
:line (scanner-line self)))
(defgeneric eolp (token)
(:documentation "Returns whether the token is an end-of-line token")
(:method ((token t)) nil)
(:method ((token tok-eol)) t)
(:method ((token (eql 'tok-eol))) t))
(:documentation "Returns whether the token is an end-of-line token.
A end-of-file is also considered an end-of-line.")
(:method ((token t)) nil)
(:method ((token tok-eol)) t)
(:method ((token (eql 'eol))) t)
(:method ((token tok-eof)) t)
(:method ((token (eql 'eof))) t))
(defclass tok-eof (lse-token)
......@@ -216,18 +219,19 @@
(defmethod make-eof ((self scanner))
(make-instance 'tok-eof
:kind 'tok-eof
:text "<END OF FILE>"
:column (scanner-column self)
:line (scanner-line self)))
:kind 'eof
:text "<END OF FILE>"
:column (scanner-column self)
:line (scanner-line self)))
(defgeneric eofp (token)
(:documentation "Returns whether the token is an end-of-file token")
(:method ((token t)) nil)
(:method ((token tok-eof)) t)
(:method ((token tok-eol)) t)
(:method ((token (eql 'tok-eof))) t)
(:method ((token (eql 'tok-eol))) t))
(:method ((token t)) nil)
(:method ((token tok-eof)) t)
(:method ((token (eql 'eof))) t))
......@@ -299,21 +303,21 @@
(define-condition lse-parser-error-unexpected-token (lse-parser-error)
((expected-token :initarg :expected-tokken
:initform nil
:reader parser-error-expected-token)))
((expected-tokens :initarg :expected-tokkens
:initform '()
:reader parser-error-expected-tokens)))
(defclass lse-scanner (scanner)
(defclass lse-scanner (buffered-scanner)
:accessor scanner-buffer
:type (or null string)
:initform nil)
:accessor scanner-previous-token-kind
:initform 'tok-eol
:initform 'eol
:documentation "The token kind of the previous token."))
(:DOCUMENTATION "A scanner for L.S.E."))
......@@ -326,15 +330,11 @@
;; (token-text (scanner-current-token scanner)))
(defmethod scanner-end-of-source-p ((scanner lse-scanner))
(eofp (scanner-current-token scanner)))
(defmethod word-equal ((token lse-token) (kind symbol))
(eql (token-kind token) kind))
(defmethod word-equal ((kind symbol) (token lse-token))
(eql (token-kind token) kind))
;; we process lse sources line by line.
(eolp (scanner-current-token scanner)))
(defmethod accept ((scanner lse-scanner) token)
(if (word-equal token (scanner-current-token scanner))
(if (word-equal (scanner-current-token scanner) token)
(prog1 (scanner-current-token scanner)
;; (list (token-kind (scanner-current-token scanner))
;; (scanner-current-text scanner)
......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@
(setf (scanner-current-token self) (make-eol self))
(defmethod slots-for-print :append ((self lse-scanner))
(defmethod slots-for-print append ((self lse-scanner))
(extract-slots self '(buffer previous-token-kind)))
......@@ -865,13 +865,13 @@ TRANSITION: (state-name (string-expr body-expr...)...) ...
(defun lse-advance-line (scanner)
"RETURN: The new current token, old next token"
((typep (scanner-current-token scanner) 'tok-eof) #|End of File -- don't move.|#)
((eofp (scanner-current-token scanner)) #|End of File -- don't move.|#)
((setf (scanner-buffer scanner) (readline (slot-value scanner 'stream)))
; got a line -- advance a token.
(setf (scanner-column scanner) 1
(scanner-state scanner) +maybe-commentaire+)
(when (plusp (scanner-line scanner))
(incf (scanner-line scanner)))
(when (plusp (scanner-line scanner))
(incf (scanner-line scanner)))
(setf (scanner-current-token scanner) nil)
(scan-next-token scanner))
(t ; Just got EOF
......@@ -885,21 +885,16 @@ TRANSITION: (state-name (string-expr body-expr...)...) ...
(defmethod scan-next-token ((scanner lse-scanner) &optional parser-data)
(declare (ignore parser-data))
(typecase (scanner-current-token scanner)
((eofp (scanner-current-token scanner))
#|End of File -- don't move|#)
;; (typecase (advance-line scanner)
;; (tok-eof #|nothing|#)
;; (t (setf (scanner-current-token scanner) (scan-lse-token scanner))))
((eolp (scanner-current-token scanner))
(advance-line scanner))
(setf (scanner-current-token scanner) (scan-lse-token scanner))
;; (print (slot-value (scanner-current-token scanner) 'text))
(setf (scanner-current-token scanner) (scan-lse-token scanner))))
(case (token-kind (scanner-current-token scanner))
(when (eq 'tok-eol (scanner-previous-token-kind scanner))
(when (eq 'eol (scanner-previous-token-kind scanner))
(setf (scanner-state scanner) +maybe-commentaire+)))
(setf (scanner-state scanner) +maybe-commentaire+))
......@@ -916,46 +911,5 @@ TRANSITION: (state-name (string-expr body-expr...)...) ...
(scanner-current-token scanner))
(defun test/scan-stream (src)
:with scanner = (make-instance 'lse-scanner :source src :state 0)
:initially (progn
(advance-line scanner)
(format t "~2%;; ~A~%;; ~A~%"
(scanner-buffer scanner)
(scanner-current-token scanner)))
:do (progn
(typecase (scanner-current-token scanner)
(advance-line scanner)
;; (scan-next-token scanner)
(format t ";; ~A~%" (scanner-buffer scanner)))
(scan-next-token scanner)))
(format t "~&~3A ~20A ~20S ~3A ~3A ~20A ~A~%"
(scanner-state scanner)
(token-kind (scanner-current-token scanner))
(token-text (scanner-current-token scanner))
(eolp (scanner-current-token scanner))
(eofp (scanner-current-token scanner))
(scanner-previous-token-kind scanner)
(type-of (scanner-current-token scanner)))
:until (typecase (scanner-current-token scanner)
(tok-eof t)
(t nil))))
(defun test/scan-file (path)
(with-open-file (src path)
(test/scan-stream src)))
(defun test/scan-string (source)
(with-input-from-string (src source)
(test/scan-stream src)))
;; (test/scan-file #P"~/src/pjb/nasium-lse/SYNTERR.LSE")
;; (test/scan-file #P"~/src/pjb/nasium-lse/TESTCOMP.LSE")
;; (test/scan-string "18*")
;;;; THE END ;;;;
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